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How to Get Rid of a Big Nose

woman with a big noseDo you think your nose is too big for your face? Does it stand out and look odd? Well, you should know that if your nose is giving you sleepless nights, there are ways to make it look smaller. Or in the case of plastic surgery, actually make it smaller.

Surgery, But Not Quite Like the King of Pop

Were you hoping for more affordable and painless solutions? The pain is not avoidable, but there are places, such as Thailand, where plastic surgery is available at very affordable prices. So if you decide you are ready for the pain, go ahead and get a nose job done. Your complaining days will soon be behind you.

Okay, so you don’t have the guts to go under the knife? Or maybe you just don’t believe in plastic surgery. Not to worry there are other safe and relatively easy methods to at least hide that humongous nose away!

Shake Up the Make Up

Applying it strategically can do a lot to de-emphasize the size of your nose. The foundation does the trick. Pick one that’s of a darker shade than what you generally use. With a blending brush, apply the foundation evenly on your face. The logic here is that the size of the nose looks smaller when the shade of the foundation is darker. Hence, pick the darkest shade of foundation that you can wear, which will still suit your skin tone and not look odd. Typically, you should be fine wearing a foundation that’s two shades darker than the one you normally wear. Use your fingertips if you prefer, or use the blending brush to contour down the sides of your nose. This makes your nose appear smaller. If your nose is not only big, but long as well, then add some color to the tip of your nose to shorten its perceived length. Flaring nostrils aren’t exactly a pretty sight. If you have naturally big nostrils, try sweeping some color around your nostrils, to make them look smaller.

Emphasize Your Other Features

You may be unsatisfied with your big nose, but you will no doubt have other features that are beautiful. Like pretty eyes, or a sweet smile. Emphasize your best features with the help of make-up. When you do so, your highlighted features will capture people’s attention. You will look your best, and it will also draw people’s attention away from that nose! In order to do this, use a lighter shade for your best features, such as your cheekbones. For the ones who do not wish to highlight your nose, use a darker shade. It’s true when they say that make-up can transform a person – for better or worse! So it will do you good to seek out the advice from make-up artists at your salon or from your friends.

Effective Hair Styling

Now, hair can also do wonders for your face. The right type of cut will flatter your face, in turn making you look much better. It can also help highlight your best features. There exist hairstyles that will draw attention away from your nose. Talk to your hairdresser. Get his or her opinion on what would look good on you.

Picking the Right Glasses

For those of you who wear glasses, pick the right pair. Don’t pick a pair that emphasizes your big nose. Instead, pick on that has the opposite effect.

Live With It!

While you may try all or some of the above tips, try thinking about the fact that your big nose is part of what makes you, you. Being with yourself, big nose or not, is important. Unless you learn that, you are probably never going to feel secure about the way you look, even after you splurge on that surgical treatment!

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  1. I think the nose cannot be hidden by makeup or other fashion makeover. It is one of our facial features that most people would notice immediately because it is in the center of our face.

    Affordable plastic surgery is anywhere. But those with excellent quality can be found abroad (meaning not in the US, Canada, or Europe). Countries like Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, and India are among the popular medical tourism destinations.

  2. Well..
    That’s very challenging to succeed a even in a conversation with a big and crooked nose ..
    Because, naturally we lose our confidence when people start looking at our nose and not our eyes..
    SO,I think people with a big nose are ” MORE CONFIDENT AND THE MOST ROCKING”….

    Keep rocking…. HUMANs…
    By your talents and not by our external features…

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