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How to Get Rid of a Cough

woman coughingCoughs can be very irritating to the person who has one and to those nearby who have to listen to it. You know how you feel when someone around you starts hacking. It can be bothersome, and you may even be tempted to look at the person as though he or she is deliberately coughing just to irritate you. Imagine the embarrassment when the person who is coughing happens to be you? Now everyone else is turning around and giving you dirty looks!

Coughs can be caused by any number of irritants and allergies. Colds, the flu and smoking will also create the urge to cough. There are ways that you can control a cough so that it does not irritate everyone in the vicinity. You will also feel much better.

Suck on a Lozenge that will Soothe the Throat

If you suck on a cough drop or some type of lozenge made for the purpose of easing a cough, you will find that the urge to cough will not be as great. A dry cough is usually a tickle in the back of the throat. The dryness and tickle can be greatly relieved with a throat lozenge. A productive cough, usually associated with a cold, will contain mucus. There are over-the-counter cough drops that are specifically geared to handle various coughs. Find the drops appropriate for your particular cough and carry them with you.

Quit or Cut Down on Smoking

If you are a smoker, you know how to get rid of a cough. Get rid of the cigarettes. Even if you just lessen the amount of smoking you do each day, you will be helping to eliminate your cough as well. Nicotine is an irritant to the mouth, the throat and the sinuses. The less smoking you do, the less coughing you will do.

Treat Colds and Flu

Coughs due to a cold or the flu will be more easily managed if you treat the ailment that is causing you to cough in the first place. Cough medicine that contains an expectorant will help to rid you of the phlegm that is causing you so much misery. Remember to use those cough drops mentioned above.

Get a Checkup for Acid Reflux

If you have acid reflux with frequent heartburn, your doctor can prescribe medication to control the acid that rises up your esophagus and into your throat. This acid is highly irritating and can contribute to a bad cough. Treating reflux will not only help the acid problem, it will also help you to rid yourself of your cough.

Control your Allergies

Allergies will often cause coughing, whether you are allergic to dust, pet dander, pollen or something else entirely. There are allergy tests that your doctor can perform. There are also prescription medications that can be taken to control allergy symptoms, including coughing.

Chronic coughs with no known cause should always be checked out by your doctor in order to get to the bottom of the problem.

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