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How to Get Rid of a Cowlick

Okay, so you have big date and everything seems to be looking up and going your way, but when you take a glance in the mirror to check how great you look, you notice a gosh awful cow lick sticking straight up on the top of your head! You smooth your hand over it, and it bounces right back up! You rub some gel over it, it pops up once more! What do you do? No need to fret, because here are three tips to tricking that cow lick!

If your hair is dry, and you own and electric straightener, plug it in and let it heat up. While you are waiting, get some hairspray and generously spray right onto the cow lick holding it between your fingers. Take the straightener and work it over the cowlick while the hairspray is still wet and has not dried. You will see a bit of steam from this, but do not worry. It does not do any harm. Continue this process until the hair is dry. When the hair is fully dry, comb the hair down to your desired look. Then once more, spray hairspray over it. It should stay down the whole night and not give you any problems.

A household item that may come in handy is basic petroleum jelly, or another name for it is Vaseline. Open the tub, and scoop up with your index and middle finger a tiny bit. Get just about enough to cover up your fingertips with a thin layer. Hold the cow lick with your other hand between your fingers and rub the Vaseline over it until it is fully covered in it. The, get a basic comb and run it through your hair, trying not to make it look oily. it should stay down now and give your hair great texture.

One thing that people seem to forget sometimes is that hair gets oily fast. The cow lick that you have been cursed with may just be that your hair needs washed, shampooed, and conditioned. As simple as that! So hop in the shower, and scrub the heck out of that hair! When you are done, brush it with a soft bristled brush while blow-drying it at the same time so that it will be smooth and straight. You may also want to rub gel throughout your hair while it is still wet once you get out of the shower, then blow dry it so it will stay in place.

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