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How to Get Rid of a Fever Blister

A fever blister can be a very embarrassing pest. However don’t fret, because there are several home remedies that will get rid of your problem. First things first if you get these painful little devils often, you may want to invest in a vitamin called Lysine. Take your first dose whenever you start to feel the slightest tingle on your lip. Taking this measure can help to prevent the blister from surfacing. If you have taken this vitamin and the blister still pops out, don’t worry you can rest assured that the Lysine has shortened its lifespan. If on the other hand you do not have access to this vitamin, simply hold a piece of ice on the spot that is tingling. The ice should kill it out quickly before it has a chance to become a blister. To learn more about my home remedies read below.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Lip Balm

For those of you who may have a big date coming up, and you want to rid yourself of this embarrassment quickly try this easy technique. Dampen a cotton ball with a liberal amount of Hydrogen peroxide. Apply generously to the affected area. You will notice a bit of stinging right away. The blister will turn white, and fizz. When it is doing this it is killing the bacteria. Upon finishing be sure to thoroughly rinse the area. Apply lip balm right away. Take caution when using this technique. Excessive use of this remedy may cause scarring.
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Salt and Toothpaste

This method will take all of the moisture out of the area. It will also keep it from scarring. Perhaps the best thing about this remedy is the fact that your fever blister will be gone in only one day! Squeeze out about two lines of toothpaste into a bowl. Don’t fret about what kind of toothpaste, because any kind will work. Pour a liberal amount of salt onto the toothpaste, and mix with a q-tip. Make sure to use enough salt, because this is the main active ingredient. The result should be a thick grainy mixture. Not like a paste, but almost like a grainy type of sticky dough. Clean the area with alcohol before you apply it to your face. Swab the mixture onto the area liberally, making sure to include the surrounding areas. Minutes later you will notice that it has started to form a hard crust over the blister. The best time to use this method is at bedtime. You have to leave it on your face for a period of seven to eight hours.

Tea bags

If you prefer a more herbal remedy, try the tea bag method. Submerge a tea bag into warm water. Allow to heat for a few seconds. When heated, lift the bag out into the open air. Hold this on the affected area as if your holding an ice pack. Allow ten to fifteen minutes for complete saturation, and then remove. This old fashioned remedy has been used by a numerous amount of people over the years.

Sage, Tea tree oil, and Violet

This is another herbal remedy. Mix together sage, tea tree oil, and violet oil. Apply as if you are conditioning your lips with an oil based lip balm. Together this mixture will not only heal your blister, but stop the pain as well.

Obviously any fever blister cannot disappear immediately, but these simple techniques will help to speed up the healing process and ultimately stop your pain. It is important to remember that when you have a fever blister it is very contagious to others. You know yourself how painful these are, so I don’t have to tell you to be careful not to spread it to someone else. A key tip to take in order not to spread this to someone else, is to wash your hands. This will also help not to accidentally spread it to another part of your body.

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  1. hmmm i dont know if this works but i have this fever blister that is starting to grow and when i showed my grandmother (my family was over at the time and still is actually) she showed my other grandmother and she told me to put a little salt in your hand and dap you finger on your tounge and put your finger in the salt and using your thumb and index finger squeeze the infected area until it stops hurting (it will hurt during the middle) and then dont rinse the salt off leave it on over night it should be gone in the morning so i was told i will update it tomorrow if it works =]

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