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How to Get Rid of a Gag Reflex

If you have ever had problems with gagging while brushing your teeth, going to the dentist, taking pills, or during oral sex, it’ s completely normal. Your pharyngeal or “gag” reflex is natural. Some people however, experience what is called a hyperactive gag reflex that makes life difficult, causing them to gag at almost the thought of anything getting near their throat. A gag reflex is caused when something hits the soft palette (the back roof of your mouth). It is nature’s natural choking defense, but don’t worry because there are a few ways to learn to control it safely if practiced with care.
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Brushing Away Your Gag

While you are brushing your teeth use your toothbrush to brush your tongue. Some people say that the vibrating sensation of a battery powered toothbrush helps desensitize their gag reflex more than a regular toothbrush. Slowly work the brush backwards towards your throat while gently brushing your tongue. Do this until you feel the gag about to happen and hold it there for as long as you can slowly working it back in forth. This method takes time and many repeat practices so take your time and don’t expect results the first time.

Muscle Relaxers

This requires that you see a doctor so that you can get a prescription for a muscle relaxing medication. Tell the doctor why you want the medication and he or she will know the right treatment for you. Take care not to become dependent on the medication, as that is a danger of this technique. I highly recommend you DO NOT use muscle relaxers you may already be getting for this method. Consult your doctor first.

Topical Throat Sprays

You can buy many over the counter sprays that will numb the area of the soft palette. This is often an effective short term method, but beware products containing menthol if you intend to use it for sexual purposes. The menthol can produce an unwanted burning sensation for your partner.

Use Your Thumb

This works much like the toothbrush method except you use your thumb working it backwards on the roof of your mouth until it gets to the soft palette.

Above all it is most important to give yourself time when trying to reduce or get rid of your gag reflex, it takes time and practice. Rushing the matter could possibly result in serious non-reversible nerve damage.


  1. Lee! (Shouts-out.) I never really read this until now. Man, gag reflexes are so hard to get rid of. Remember that time I went to the hospital and they wanted to test me for strep throat? I gagged and coughed and we lol’d. It sounded so funny. Anyway, probably the only thing I could’ve done in that situation to not gag would have been maybe using some antiseptic spray. But I still don’t know if that would’ve worked or not. Still, you need to remind me to do that anyway. I miss you!

  2. actually, the easiest way. Is press your thumbnail into your left palm and grip your hand, so that you have a very tight fist with your left hand. this tenses the muscle, hence removing the gag reflex for the short while that you are gripping. it only works with the left hand, and it doesn’t work for everyone! :)

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