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How to Get Rid of a Hangover

Ahh, hangovers. The lazy, red-eyed, regrettable state of being that we all love to hate. The partying is over, the sun is up, and you’ve got to get to class in 15 minutes…or to work…or to meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Why does it seem like we’re most hungover when we have something important to do? I can tell you that the easiest way to avoid hangovers is to not drink at all, but who would listen? Luckily, I can also tell you plenty of ways to get rid of your hangover fast and effectively. You’ll be back to drinkin’ in no time!

More Fluids = Less Hungover

You should always have a glass or bottle of water next to your bed for the morning. Knock this back as soon as you wake up so you can begin to rehydrate yourself. You should also have a drink with some sugar in it, such as a Gatorade (a favorite among most college students for eliminating hangovers). These fluids will not only rehydrate you, but will also replenish the fluids and sugars lost from last night’s drinking. They’ll jumpstart your body and give you the energy you need to get moving.

Clean Yourself, You Filthy Animal

Hop in the shower as soon as you wake up and spend an extra few minutes in there getting clean. The feeling of water on your body will wake you up and raise your alertness. Further, being so fresh and so clean will make you feel that much better about yourself, ready to face whatever you have to do for the day with a clear mind.

Take Some Medicine

I personally stay away from any sort of medication in the morning to get rid of my hangovers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. On the rare occasion I do pop a pill, it’s usually Excedrin – the combination of acetaminophen and caffeine works better than any other medication I’ve ever used to get rid of a hangover. Multivitamins, which you should be taking everyday anyway, will also help to get rid of a hangover by supplying your body with essential vitamins to optimize your body’s daily functions.

Get Some Food in You

Depending on how hungover you are, you’ll want to get some food in you as soon as possible. If you’re extremely hungover, the thought of food will probably disgust you; eat anyway! In this case, start with something light such as an apple or banana. Getting food in your body is essential to getting rid of your hangover as soon as possible. A lot of people actually prefer soup, because the extra sodium in it replaces all the salt that your body lost as a result of alcohol the night before.

Stay Up Later

What?! Stay up later? Won’t this make me more tired and hungover? Well, if you stay up later and continue drinking, yes. If you stay up for an extra hour or so, drink water, and eat some food, your hangover will be much less. This method has always worked wonders for me and I would highly recommend it any time you’re out drinking.

Hangover Pills

More and more I’ve been hearing about these cure-all pills for hangovers. My general feeling is that you can most definitely do without them. They’re most likely a combination of some of the methods I’ve written about in this guide; so you can have the same effect without them. The risk you take is buying these pills and having them not work and all and losing money, while the natural methods I’ve listed are safe, cheap, and proven to work time and time again!


  1. I recommend Berocca as a multivitamin. Don’t know why, but it works better than most. It’s a bit expensive, but you can get it in any pharmacy. It fills you up with what you lost….

    Then, I would also recommend ENGOV: aluminum hydroxide, acetylsalicylic acid, pyrilamine maleate, caffeine; In other words (cite from their website): ENGOV is a Brazilian mix of antacids, coffee, aspirin and antihistamines. Engov relieves all hangover symptoms (headache, nausea, body aches, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, diarrhea) effectively. I have been using it for two years. Now, I always have Engov at home now. It’s cheap and easy to order at


  2. Eat some food before bed. I recommend something light like pretzels or crackers to help absorb some of the alcohol in your stomach. The less alcohol your body has to process while you sleep, the better off you will be.

  3. I am at work now and I feel like crap. The thought of food is making me gag and my stomach is growling because I didn’t eat for two days. I am so hungry but I know I will throw up if I get some food into my system. Heeeelp!


  5. Actually there is a fantastic product from Japan which prevents you from getting a hangover at all. it’s called Ukon No Chikara and is available as a drink or a water soluble powder. Simply consume 1 portion of it before going out drinking. Next day you won’t feel any or almost no hangover! It works really great. Google for Ukon No Chikara Shop or is good, too. The main ingredient is curcuma which stimulates your liver function and therefore reduces the alcohol in the body much faster. Result is no hangover the next morning. Me and my classmates in Tokyo never leave the house without it anymore :)

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