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How to Get Rid of a High Fever

Fevers can come out of no where, get very high and cause us to be alarmed, but don’t fret, fevers actually mean you’re immune system is normal. When you get sick you’re body tries to fight whatever disease, infection or virus is causing you to be sick. The cells that fight off things work best in warm temperatures therefore your body gets warmer resulting in a fever. There are many ways to bring down a fever on you’re own but there is a point when you should seek a medical professional. If an infants fever has reached 100, if a child’s has reached 102, or if an adults has reached 104 a trip to the E.R. is advisable. If you’re dealing with a fever that doesn’t exceed these temperatures than there is plenty you can do to relieve yourself of it.
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Lowering it with a Lukewarm Shower or Bath

The first thing I like to do is get into a lukewarm bath or shower. The water has to be lukewarm because if its to cold for you’re body it will reduce the blood flow to the skin which could cause it to go up even higher. The best temperature is whatever temperature your body feels like. Using a sponge to squeeze water over you’re body helps even more. If you are using a tylenol regimen or other medicine it’s best to be used before a bath. Tylenol and other anti-fever medicines turn down the body’s “thermostat” so that the body doesn’t generate more heat while you are trying to take heat away with the bath. Therefore, the bath will work much better after Tylenol or another anti-fever medicine. Don’t stay in the bath for to long about 8 to 10 minutes should be good enough. Don’t bundle up when you come out even if your are cold and even though you will be tempted to. Allow your body to feel the cool air.

Applying a Damp Cloth to Feet, Legs and Neck

Another great great way especially if you don’t have the want or strength to shower completely, is to apply a damp cloth with slightly cool water to you’re legs, feet, and neck. Once the cloth gets warm remove it and rinse off with cool water and reapply again. What this does is actually sponge off some of the warmth your body is retaining. Putting it on these areas are best because they seem to cool the body down the quickest. Repeat this 5 or 6 times until you feel a noticeable difference in you’re bodies temperature. Again you will be tempted to cover yourself because you are cold but try to restrain from it.

Garlic Soaked in Hot Water

This one may not sound to appetizing but garlic actually does a lot of wonderful things for the body. Throw some raw pieces of garlic into hot water and sip it slowly. It may not taste great but it is a good way to lower your fever and it’s also great for keeping a fever from coming back. The garlic actually promotes sweat which helps rid you’re body of toxins. Don’t drink it to quick especially since it’s hot water and don’t drink to much because you don’t want to go from fever to stomach ache. Sipping on a mug of it for about 4 or 5 minutes at a time throughout the day works best.

Fevers don’t always mean your sick sometimes they are because you are hot from being outside in the sun to long, sometimes they can be because you are hungry or even tired. Ruling out these issues will allow you to better help you’re high fever. Drinking plenty of fluids is a good idea as is plenty of rest but remember don’t bundle up we don’t want to keep the body hot we want to make it cooler.

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