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How to Get Rid of a Lazy Eye

There are many different ways to get rid of the common problem many people suffer from today known as lazy eye aka Amblyopia. This is an eye condition that decreases vision, but cannot be fixed through glasses or contacts like most eye problems. This problem has more to do with the brain. Your brain doesn’t fully recognize the images and object seen by the human eye. This is mostly common in only one eye but may end up with reduced sight of both eyes. It is guessed that at least 5 percent of all kids under 8 years old have or will have some form of lazy eye.
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To treat such a problem: It is almost a must that you detect it in its early stages, after a while of letting the problem evolve it may turn into permanent and total vision loss. Early treatment is very easy though. Using glasses to help lessen the problems contributes, as well as using eye drops daily, think about going to Vision Therapy classes, or talking with you eye doctor to see what other options he has in store.

More Options for treatment: Include another way that has been known to been used as treatment of amblyopia usually consist of fixing the deficit and almost forcing your brain to use the lazy eye.

Ways of this being done: By either patching the eye that is still good, but you have to cope with walking around looking like a pirate.

“Topical Atropine” a typical drug used in eye surgery is another way. By placing in the eye with the best vision capabilities, is used to correct eye sight. While trying to correct the dysfunctional eye, do not get carried away and over-treat the eye, which can cause reverse lazy eye, causing problems with the good eye leaving you in total darkness.

Yet another Option: The way used to correct this problem is called Form deprivation amblyopia. This is a treatment that is done by taking away the opacity asap then the use of patching on the good eye to encourage use of the amblyopic eye. “lazy Eye”

The most recent form of treatment that has become very popular uses something called transcranial magnetic stimulation. This procedure is not guaranteed but it may create a temporary improvement in sensitivity in the eye that is bad and create a wider range of eyesight in people tested over the age of 5 years old.

Researchers are still working to create more affective procedures to correct this vision problem.

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