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How to Get Rid of a Loose Tooth

womans mouthful of teethHaving a loose tooth is an age-old problem that everyone deals with several times in their life. Perhaps you were one of those lucky people whose loose teeth fell out on their own without the slightest bit of effort on your part. However, if you’re like most, a loose tooth can be seemingly an insurmountable problem. Although the feeling of having something wiggly in your mouth may be fun for a while, it will shortly become a nuisance., and you will long to have a free mouth again. So, how does one go about getting rid of that loose tooth?

Get Your Friends to Help Out

Well, there are several ways to accomplish this feat. Perhaps the easiest method is to employ any and all siblings or school mates. See, these kids would love to smack you in the mouth under the guise of helping you out! In fact, I have my own personal experience of a wrestling match with my brother which helped removed an annoying loose tooth. It was, and still is, quite an effective method, though perhaps a bit more bloody than others. Thankfully, other than the shocking pain of a hit to the mouth and a possible remaining bruise, the removal of the tooth is relatively fast and painless.

Get Your Parents to Help Pull a Tooth

Now, if this method for getting rid of a loose tooth seems a bit on the violent side, there are other things you can do as well. The next best bet is to ask your parents or a trusted adult. Because, older and more mature people can help carefully and safely remove your loose tooth. They’ll ask you to open wide before grasping that tooth with their bare hands and twisting and pulling until it comes out. Although this may seem a lot like going to the dentist, in reality, it is not. Your parents love you too much to want to hurt you, and they’ll be as slow as possible. However, with this method, the pain might drag out and you certainly don’t have any numbing medicine in your kitchen.

Do It Yourself Teeth-Pulling

So, the final idea for removing a loose tooth is to do it yourself. You can try the age old trick of tying a string around your tooth and attaching it to a doorknob. If these seems to painful, sit in front of the mirror and wiggle that tooth endlessly until it comes out or grab an apple and start chomping as hard as you can.


  1. yeah – you have some good methods but you can also use gum numbing stuff and just yank it out!

  2. While I was reading this I was wiggling my tooth, And It came out? LMFAO! ;) THANKS!

  3. THANKS!! ;) :) ;) ;) ;) ;) o.O

  4. LOL! I suddenly remembered those Saturday morning cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid. My dentist told me not to imitate those. Well, of course I won’t because I know it’s going to be super painful. I mean, who wouldn’t be hurt after you force your tooth out by tying it to a doorknob. Just the thought of it hurts. About that wrestling thing, my brothers did those once when we were still living in Sarasota, Florida. They had perfectly fine teeth until the match ended. My younger brother ended up having a loose tooth.

  5. i have a loose baby tooth and im 20 years old and 5 months pregnant. i cant handle too much pain and cant afford numbing gel like oragel. i also cant afford dental work and when i try to move my tooth just an inch,im in major PAIN !! i have tried the ice thing ( sucking on a teething ring ) the continous wiggling thing AND i tried eating sticky food. no luck there. if i try anymore im gonna get kicked out of the place im living cuz im ” cursing and swearing too much ” and they KNOW about my tooth. so im fucked. what should i do??

  6. Ugh my tooth has a cavity some how and it got loose im in ALOT of pain what do I do dad can’t go and buy anything so I’m stuck note I’m like 12 turning 13 in augest so yup

  7. My tooth is messed up!

  8. i hope this works

  9. Ahhhhhh! I have had a loose tooth for 9 months. I think it’s going to come out within the next week and it HURTS!!!
    p.s. yes its a baby tooth

  10. ok so I’m 10 and I just got my retainer (yay!) but I have two loose baby teeth on the top where my retainer goes and I need to get them out so my retainer will fit. I want a quick and easy method where there is NO PAIN!!! please help!!!

  11. just pull towards the front of your mouth kind of gentle for about a minute and it should fell a litle bit looser hope i helped :)

  12. Hi, I’m really scared because I recently had a dentists appointment and she told me I had to loose 6 baby teeth in 2 weeks!!! Well good news I got 5 out! But when I went back she told me she’s give me one month to get this last one out because we can’t afford to have it pulled. And my adult tooth is already growing on top of it. There are some problems here tho. Number one: I can’t eat on that side of my mouth, well I’m super scared to because she said it is SOOO easy to get a cavity on the adult tooth!!! I’ve got it halfway out but when I pull it hurts like crazzzzy!!!!! And were tight on cash right now so we can’t buy numbing gel. I’ve tried wiggling, twisting, pulling, pulling straight down. I don’t know what else to do!!!! All I want is to get this thing out as quick as possible with no pain. Yes ive tried telling myself ” oh grow up it’ll only hurt for a few minutes!!!” but it doesn’t work!! Pleeeeaaaaaseeeee help me! I don’t want a cavity!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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