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How to Get Rid of an Earache

An earache can be very painful and sadly occurs often in both children and adults. Though it is true that a doctor can prescribe you a medicine to help your earache there are also home remedies that work just as well, if not even faster. If you have a fever along with your earache it is advised to skip any home remedies and consult a doctor. Here are a few remedies that are worth trying to get rid of an earache if that is your only symptom:

Blowing smoke into the ear

A lot of people use this method. It is believed that by blowing smoke into the ear helps because of the warmth of the smoke would break up the wax and also relax the ear muscles. It’s suggested not to blow cigarette smoke around children though.


Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic. To help the earache or ear infection go away, get garlic and puncture a hole in it. Squeeze the garlic clove onto a plate or over the sink to make sure the juice is coming out. After that, slowly pour the garlic into your ear and let it go to work. Let it stay in there for 10 minutes or so and then flush it out with some water.


You can warm the cloth with warm water, or you can heat the cloth with an iron. Put it against your ear. If warming with water try to keep the water from getting into your inner ear. The warm water will help open up your ear canal. Another tactic for warmth is blowing a hair dryer into your ear on a low pressure setting.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Sometimes your ears are just clogged and needs cleaned out. A helpful home remedy for that is hydrogen peroxide. If you put a dropper of hydrogen peroxide in your ear while laying on your side with the ear up and leave it there for about 15 minutes you will feel much better. While the hydrogen peroxide is in your ear you will hear it working. You will hear the bubbling sounds meaning it’s working.

Olive oil

Another remedy that is known as the best by most is olive oil dropped into the ear. Most people that use this method warm it up slightly. This is one remedy that can be used for any age. The only thing to keep in mind with this one is that it takes very little time to heat up such a little amount.

Hot water bottle

If you can’t sleep because of your pounding earache, then using a hot water bottle as a pillow could help. Put the hot water bottle on the side of the earache on top of your pillow and adjust until you’re in a comfortable position. It’s the same concept as using a warm cloth, but it stays warmer longer.

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