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How to Get Rid of Annoying Neighbors

In today’s world of diverse cultures, the word neighbor conjures up many meanings. Is a neighbor someone who lives next to you? Someone you talk with frequently or once a year? Someone you share coffee with in intimate conversation or someone you hardly know? While we can’t discuss that question sufficiently here, one thing is for sure: nobody likes an annoying neighbor. Here are a few ideas on how to get rid of annoying neighbors.

First, be sure that the one creating the annoyance is your neighbor and not you. Save yourself some embarrassment by ensuring that you yourself are not being a nuisance. But hey, nobody’s perfect, so talk it out with your neighbor when an issue becomes unbearable. Seek common ground and a reasonable solution for both sides in your conflict.

Remember: you may need this neighbor some day. Try to win this neighbor over with kindness. Offer to share your tools or appliances. Build goodwill rather than bad tempers.

When you find the neighbor to be uncooperative, unwilling to talk or listen, consider alternate tactics. But whatever you try, bear in mind that she is a person too. Your goal is not to harm someone but to live congenially together. Your strategies will depend upon the nature of the disturbance.

Does he play music too loudly? Explain to him why it interferes with your household.

Do their parties leave your yard a mess or you rolling around in bed unable to sleep? Write them a note telling them how you are being affected.

Are their kids stomping down your flowers? Their dog messing up your lawn? Their arguments coming through your walls and disturbing your peace? Consider inviting another neighbor to come along with you to discuss the matter, if your individual approach proves unfruitful. If you live in an apartment, get your landlord or apartment manager involved. Bringing another neighbor or an authority with you should encourage the annoying neighbor to take full notice of your concerns.

If you have tried multiple approaches and you are still having legitimate difficulties, it may be time to call the police. Be sure to document each of your steps along the way with dates, conversations, witnesses, exact grievances, and the responses by your neighbor. This last step is extreme though, and these intermediary steps should suffice in getting rid of annoying neighbors. If not, grow through it or move. Perseverance goes a long, beneficial way.

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