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How to Get Rid of Bamboo

Bamboo is a very common evergreen plant. It is perennial in nature. The giant bamboo is considered to be the largest member in the grass family. They are known to be the fastest growing woody plants in the world thereby making many people regret growing them. Some varieties of bamboo grow as much as six inches a day.

There are many types of bamboo. The most common types are running bamboo and clump bamboo. Running bamboo is very dangerous as it grows very fast. Clump bamboo on the other hand does not grow all that quickly and grows from center out.

Remember: bamboo is one of the most difficult plants to get rid off. If you’re a person who thought growing bamboo was a good idea but is now wondering how to get rid of it…

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bamboo

1. Dig it up
2. Use herbicide
3. Use of lopping shears
4. Starve the bamboo
5. Cooking the bamboo (in the ground)

Dig it up

This is probably the most common solution to get rid of bamboo at least on temporary basis. Use a spade and mattock to dig up the plant. The tip of the mattock will help in removing the tangled rhizomes and the spade will help remove the tangled mass. Though this process merely slows down the process of bamboo growth, it is nonetheless quite effective.

Use herbicide

This is another way to get rid of bamboo. Vinegar is an effective herbicide. One can also use Glyphosate herbicide. Systemic herbicides are more often used than contact killers. The bamboo should be cut to a maximum of six inches from the ground. The herbicide should then be applied on the exposed surface. This should be done very quickly, within fifteen seconds after cutting the shoot. Otherwise, the herbicide will fail to penetrate to the rhizomes and hence not kill them. Once this is done, the dead plant has to be removed. It is to be noted that removal of a dead plant is far more difficult. This method is applicable when the number of shoots is less. If there are too many shoots, it is very difficult to implement this technique to kill the bamboo.

Use lopping shears

By using lopping shears, it is possible to dig the tangled rhizomes out. One should make sure that the last of the rhizomes are removed. Only this ensures that the bamboo will not grow again.

Starve the bamboo

This method is pretty slow but very effective. Make sure you cut the bamboo and keep it below two feet. Like all other green plants, the bamboo too needs sunlight and carbon dioxide for the process of photosynthesis. By starving the plant and cutting out sunlight, the plant will eventually die. But as mentioned earlier, this method of killing the bamboo plant will take a long time, maybe close to year. However if one is persistent enough, it surely pays off in the end.

Cooking the bamboo

This method is considered to be highly effective. It involves cutting the bamboo to the ground. Cover it with nitrogen fertilizer i.e. apply nitrogen fertilizer on its surface. After doing so, cover the entire area with a plastic sheet. Make sure the sheets remain in place by keeping some weight along the edges. This method is very effective in killing the bamboo especially during the summer months. By this method, the bamboo is literally cooked to the ground. Do not remove the sheets until you find no signs of life.

Though it is very tough to kill the bamboo, if one is persistent and systematic enough, it can be achieved!

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  1. Have tried most everything can not get rid of the Bamboo that I have in two differant areas—–it’s trying to take over my yard—-Need help—It is tough to even cut down to a size were I can work on it.

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