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How to Get Rid of Basement Smells

When it comes to strange odors in the basement of a home traditionally the causes are through humidity and dampness accumulating in the basement. Traditionally basement odors can be eliminated and kept down with regular maintenance and treatment to features which your home occupies in the basement area of your home. Basement odors when ignored for a long period of time can spread throughout the home and lead to much larger problems such as mold accumulation. This information will help you learn how to get rid of basement smells through treating underlying causes.

Seal Cracks And Openings In Your Basement

One of the number 1 causes of strange odors in a basement is through actual cracks and holes which expose your basement to exterior conditions within the walls and also into the outdoors. When you have cracks, holes, or open vents which lead outside, when the outdoors become rainy or humid these conditions will move themselves into your basement. You can solve these problems by installing covers on vents, sealing any holes or cracks.
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If You Have Pests Or May Have Them, Contact Pest Control

If your home may be infested with wood eating insects or animals such as termites, mice, rats, raccoons, etc. Simply sealing your walls and vents may not prevent these problems from returning. Obviously setting traps with toxins which would kill animals is not the wise of ideas because before the animal may die it may chew its way back into your wall and die within your home causing an even larger odor issue. If you feel you have a pest problem the best thing to do would be to contact a pest control professional to treat your home for pests locating and removing any dead animals that may have been in your home that you had not been aware of.

Keep Cold Pipes Only Cold Pipes

Some pipes become so cold they begin producing condensation, when condensation accumulates within walls and in your basement you begin encountering damp walls, humidity increase, and moist odors. By wrapping your piping in insulated wrap made for these pipes you can protect your home from the moisture of the pipes keeping only the pipes cold and not your home.

If Its A Nice Day Keep Ventilated

On decent days when the air is full of oxygen and it has not been raining air out your basement via the windows in your basement to prevent basement odors from building up and leaking into your actual home. You can do this by opening the windows and installing screens to protect from rodents and insects, make sure the screen is metal so there is no chance of an animal chewing through and seeking refuge in your home. Air conditioners and fans can help circulate air throughout your basement and pull the existing air in your basement back outside. After doing this process continually your basement will attribute a more nice oxygenated scent rather than a humid muggy smell.

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