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How to Get Rid of Bears

brown bearWhile stuffed bears are cuddly, cute and extremely adorable, their real life counterparts aren’t exactly fun to be around. Although they might appear to be lazy and sluggish from the outside, bears can be very destructive in their approach and can give you a good scare if you cross their way.

You should know about these animals beforehand so that you’re not taken by surprise on any account. Bears are fast and intelligent creatures, and they’re particularly well known for their memory. They also have an excellent sense of smell, and most problems rise only due to this reason.

Bears can smell food from a long distance away, so if you live in a region where bears are common, you need to be doubly careful about the scents escaping from your kitchen. The facts that bears adapt to changes very quickly and their innate physical strength don’t help matters too.

6 Different Ways to Get Rid of Bears

Although you can’t get “rid” of bears for good, you can try and avoid confronting them by following some safety measures. You should especially be careful during winter and fall, as bears face a scarcity in food during this time.

  • In case you notice bears moving around in your property, you need to first alert the wildlife authority in your region. The wildlife department will be able to provide some help in tackling the bear problem without resorting to extreme measures.
  • Bears mainly come out of their habitat in the search of food, so ensure that you never leave any food unattended whenever you’re camping out or eating in the open. Their sense of smell will lead them to your food in no time, and things are bound to go downhill from there.
  • Never throw leftovers from your kitchen near your house. Make sure that you dispose of these somewhere far away, so that bears are not led to your house by the scent. You should bear-proof all garbage bins too, because they are capable of opening such bins and even car doors.
  • Be wary if there are any fruit bearing trees near your house. Ensure that the fruits from these trees don’t lie unattended on the ground, because bears are attracted to fruits and berries.
  • Ensure that you never feed bears either intentionally or unintentionally. Bears are born gluttons and they’re bound to return for more in no time. Move your bird feeders indoors and ensure that there’s not even a scrap of food anywhere outside.
  • You should know that their sense of smell is their main weakness too. You can take advantage of this by using ammonia to repel bears. It’s a well known fact that bears hate ammonia, and hanging pieces of fabric that are drenched in ammonia around your property is a good idea. Ammonia is quite easy to get, so all you need to do is buy enough ammonia from the local retailers, fill these up in used soda cans and poke holes in the top lid so that the scent wafts out.

You should ensure that you don’t resort to extreme measures unless bears start wreaking havoc in your vicinity. In such cases, always contact the wildlife authority and they will take the necessary steps to help you get rid of the bears.

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