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How to Get Rid of Broken Blood Vessels

Broken blood vessels often appear on the face and legs where sensitive skin can become exposed to both extreme temperatures and irritation from outside elements. While these blood vessels are not harmful they can make those suffering from them very self-conscience about their appearance. There are 3 ways to rid yourself of these superficial pests.

Oftentimes, the first thing to consider is one of convenience and ease of use. Using a vitamin K oxide cream, which is readily available at most major stores or pharmacies doesn’t get any easier. Vitamin K works to strengthen the capillary wall, thus preventing the blood vessels from continuing to leak outside of themselves. When choosing a cream look for a professional strength 5% level and preferably other natural ingredients that are good for skin health. While those natural ingredients may not penetrate to the core of the vessel it can leave your skin healthy, overall.

The next two options involve far less convenience and significantly more expense, however they have proven results. Sclerotherapy is a procedure in which a Dermatologist injects medication into the blood vessel with the purpose of shrinking the vessel. The vessel is affected immediately and continues to shrink over several weeks. This procedure can be done with relatively few negative reactions and recovery time is incredibly quick.

Another procedure done in the Dermatologist’s office is, Laser Ablation. Laser Ablation is done with an electrode inserted into the faulty vein, it is positioned at the desired location where energy is released causing the electrode to heat up and close the vessel, preventing further bleeding from vein. Although this procedure involves a bit more risk and recovery it does have a very high rate of success.

When deciding on which procedure or product is best for you, it is important to seek the guidance of a Dermatologist who can help to guide you. If your condition is not serious or just beginning to show signs of those pesky veins the vitamin K cream might be the best conservative route. Also, not all insurance companies cover these procedures as they are at times considered a cosmetic procedure. Do your homework and find a good medical advocate who will not steer you wrong.


  1. I haye been searching for ways to get rid of some broken blood vessels on my face. What is the difference between a vitamin k cream and a vitamin k oxide cream. Which will deliver the results that I’m looking for.

    Please help

    Sumer Williams

  2. I have broken blood vessels on the face and legs. It’s reddish and the other one becomes blue green. I keep on finding natural solutions to get rid of those superficial pests. Maybe I will go for vitamin K oxide cream for I can not afford yet the laser. I appreciate the information, Thanks!

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