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How to Get Rid of Bunions

There are not many things as embarrassing as bunions, they look bad, they are painful and they make it difficult to walk. Unfortunately there are not many ways to get rid of bunions apart from surgery, as they are caused by your bone growing in an un-natural way. Fortunately if you are beginning to suffer from bunions there are several things you can do to slow down their growth and help sooth the pain caused by them. First though lets cover how to get rid of bunions.

Surgery for Bunions

Surgery can help reduce pain caused by bunions and remove them completely. Most health insurance used to cover this, in recent years however many have reclassified bunions as ‘aesthetic treatment’ despite the pain and discomfort caused by them. Surgery is the only sure fire way of getting rid of bunions or permanently removing the discomfort caused by them.
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Change your Footwear

The biggest cause of bunions is incorrect footwear. make sure you have a pair of shoes that fits well, does not feel too tight, or too loose and has a comfy inner sole. This can make a huge difference to the discomfort caused by bunions and may even stop their growth completely! unfortunately once bunions begin to grow they very rarely recede without surgery.

Bunion Pads

Bunion pads range in size and type, they do however give invaluable support and comfort to help you move even with bunions. You can get bunion pads designed to make life easier and to slow the progress of bunions! Bunion pads come in small adhesive forms or inner soles for shoes, you should spend some time deciding which kind of bunion pad is best for you. It may be wise to consult a doctor to find the correct type.


Regularly exercising you feet can help to slow bunions. By keeping your bones and joints loose and flexible you can help slow and halt the progress of bunions. A physiotherapist can take you through plenty of bunion exercises to help prevent their growth, or search online for them!

Unfortunately even when you work hard to slow the progress of bunions they can still continue to grow and deform your feet. In nearly all cases the best solution is to go for surgery, this can unfortunately be expensive so you should consult a doctor. If the pain is not that bad yet it may be simpler just to try exercise and new footwear!

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