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How to Get Rid of Car Parts

When it comes to car parts, many minerals and metals which are used in producing these car parts are not allowed to just be thrown into a garbage can due to the fact that car parts cannot be burned. So when it comes to disposing of car parts which are of no use to you anymore how would you go about getting rid of it instead of letting them clutter up space in and around your home? This article will help you learn how to get rid of car parts without getting into trouble.

Scrap Yards

If you are attempting to get rid of an entire vehicle and not just specific parts which come with the vehicle, you can drop off most vehicles with a vehicle scrap yard and get money paid to you for your contribution. By giving your vehicle to one of these establishments you are giving your vehicle to a company which will take your vehicle and openly let others come in and find still usable parts within the vehicle to fix their own vehicles.
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Metal Scrap Yards

You can donate either an entire vehicle or just parts from within a vehicle to metal scrap yards by removing any non-metal materials before dropping off. Traditionally the company will pay you a flat rate for the type of metal along with the total weight of the metal which you are giving. These metals are then used by the companies to dense down and give to manufacturing companies which can use the metals to create new products.

If The Car Parts Work Sell Them

There are many internet and local sources where you can list your parts, how old they are, and how long they have been used and maybe someone who needs the product or part will contact you and offer a deal to use the part on their own vehicles. This is an easy way to dispose of car parts without having to travel away from your own home. Some sources where you can list used car parts are craigslist, e-bay, and local listings.

Give It Away

If you do not have a local establishment to sell your parts or feel the parts may not work you can always give them away to someone who may be willing to take the parts off of your hands. You can do this by putting the parts in your front door with a cardboard sign stating free across the front this way someone who passes by may stop and pick up the parts relieving you from having to dispose of the parts yourself.

If you live somewhere where you cannot just put the part in your front yard you can always contact friends or family who may be able to use the parts. Also companies such as auto repair shops may be able to give you advise where you can recycle these parts at no cost to you.

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