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How to Get Rid of Car Scratches

Scratches on cars are not only unsightly, but they also bring down the value of a vehicle. Scratches vary in degree. Some are minor and others can be quite severe. It is almost impossible for a car to never get a scratch during ownership, but there several effective ways of how to get rid of car scratches.

Use Paint to Cover Scratches

If a scratch is not too big or deep painting over then is simple and fairly easy to do. First wash the area that is to be painted to eliminate any debris or wax buildup which could affect the application of the paint.
Very fine sand paper should be used to sand down the scratch and this must be done carefully so not to sand down pass the surface of the scratch. Then brush away any of the dust left behind from the sanding.

Note: Make certain that the paint matches the car’s color. The car’s identification number identifies the correct color to use. If the color does not match exactly it will leave a spot that is darker or lighter in color and this may even look worse than the scratch.

The final step is to paint over the scratches according to instructions that come with the touch up paint. The scratch will not be noticeable after the paint dries overnight.

use Rubbing Compound by Hand

Rubbing compound is another effective way of how to get rid of car scratches. This method is for best for light to mild scratches. Use a mild abrasive compound and apply it to a sponge and then buff over the scratch in a circular motion until the scratch disappears. Clean the area with car soap and then wax.
Note: If the scratch is deep it is recommend that it be taken to a professional so not to make the scratch worse.

Use Wax to Buffer Car Scratches

Clean the area of where the scratch is and allow it to dry. Apply wax to a sponge. It is best to use liquid wax. Buff over the area using a circular motion and then use a soft towel clean to buff away the wax. This works wonders on light to mild scratches.

All of these methods are very effective ways of how to get rid of car scratches that are light or mild in nature. Again these methods work best on light scratches.

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