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How to Get Rid of Cardinals

male cardinal birdCardinals are both beautiful and annoying, especially when they have chosen your backyard to roost. The mess can cause damage to your property, the unacceptable noise can be irritating, and if you have an ornamental fish pond, cardinals can be deadly. Here are some tips you can employ to encourage the beautiful red birds in your life to grace someone else with their presence.


This highly durable synthetic material can be strung across any area you wish to protect from cardinal invasion. Simply throw the netting over trees, bushes, ponds or any other area and the birds will avoid those areas. You may wish to wait until you have several people who can help you drape the netting as the mesh is generally fine and the nets are large, which makes it difficult to drape on your own.

Electrified Tracks

While this might sound mean, the birds aren’t actually being hurt. What happens is that an electric track is set up on a flat or semi-flat surface where the birds tend to congregate. When they land on the track, they get a mild case of hot foot, which causes no damage to the animal at all. It is merely uncomfortable and the birds will find a new place to hang out. These devices come in a myriad of configurations, including ones that are powered by battery power, solar power, and electric outlet power.

Try the Scarecrow Device

A relatively new device known as the Scarecrow has a pretty good result. This is not a straw filled burlap sack, but a high tech motion sensor sprinkler system that is only activated when it detects movement within its range. It works by spraying water whenever the sensitive motion detector senses motion. Not only do the birds not like to get wet, but they are scared away by the unexpected response. It works against birds, mammals (like raccoons, opossums, and squirrels) and is reasonably priced.

Cardinals are a beautiful addition to nature, but can quickly turn into a pest when they decide that your house should be their house. The good news is that these birds can be easily discouraged from hanging around, simply by making your home a little less hospitable. Remove any food sources, like bird feeders and cover ponds. Do not throw stale bread products “out for the birds” unless you really want them there. Remove access to nesting sites and your little red nuisances will find better accommodations elsewhere.

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