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How to Get Rid of Cat Dander

Cats are the cutest pets on Earth. Furthermore, cats are friendly creatures that sleep indoors or play outdoors. Cats rarely bite people and they purr a lot in front of their owners. However, cats produce a big problem in the household: cat dander. While cat dander is not a problem outdoors, cat dander is visible indoors and sticks on clothing and various pieces of furniture causing people in the household to sneeze. People who are allergic to cats, but are cat lovers, don’t want to give up their pet. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions for getting rid of cat dander.

Anti-Cat Dander Bottle Solutions

This is a moderately priced way for cat owners to remove cat dander from their cats. Many pet stores sell multipurpose cleaners in bottled form between ten dollars to fifteen dollars. After purchasing a multipurpose cleaner for the cat, be sure to read the directions before using a product. To remove cat dander, the cat owner must apply enough solution on the cat’s fur and massage the solution into the cat’s fur for a period of time. This is similar for humans getting rid of dandruff with Head and Shoulders Shampoo. Once the period of time is over, dry the cat well with a blow dryer or a lot of towels. This method is friendly for cats because no water is involved.

Special Grooming Tools

This is a very expensive, yet very effective way to reduce cat dander. One of the best products to use is the Fur Buster because the specialty formed stainless steel blades remove excess cat dander on the cat’s fur. The Fur Buster comes in a variety of packages according to blade size and this unique tool is available for cats and dogs. Since there aren’t a lot of large cats, the Fur Buster with a medium sized blade or small sized blade will work just fine. The Cat Fur Buster is only available for purchase in veterinarian clinics, and the cost depends on the size of the blade. Therefore, the Cat Fur Buster with a small sized blade is less than twenty dollars while the Cat Fur Buster with a medium sized blade are priced between thirty to forty dollars. To use the Cat Fur Buster, the cat owner grabs the handle and inserts the blade in the predefined area. Next, the cat owner brushes the cat like a normal grooming brush. Within minutes, the excess fur is removed from the cat and leaves a very silky fur coat. By using the Cat Fur Buster, cat dander will no longer be a major problem.

Setting Boundaries for Cats

This is a very difficult method for cat owners because they are required to train a cat. For example, Amanda needs to teach Clarissa, her cat, not to sneak into her room because Clarissa is leaving cat dander all over Amanda’s clothes. Therefore, Amanda chases Clarissa out of her room, but she doesn’t chase Clarissa out of the kitchen, the living room, or the bathroom. Clarissa assumes Amanda’s room is off limits, but the rest of the house isn’t, so she can continue to do her own business. While this method works for cat owners, cats have a short term memory. Therefore, cat owners need to teach their cats the same discipline over and over again. Training a cat may take more than a month, so cat owners need to exercise the power of patience.

Overall, cats are beautiful pets for everyone to own, but combating cat dander is a challenge. By removing the problem, cat owners can enjoy their cat without the consequences. Therefore, cats can live in the household without worrying about their allergens separating them from the owner. As a result, many cats will have a happy home, and many cat owners will be happy as well.

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