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How to Get Rid of Cigar Breath

With cigar smoking on the rise, many smokers are left wondering how to get rid of cigar breath. Cigar smoke can linger and attach to clothing, hair, and the body. Just as smoking jackets and caps help to protect clothing, hair, and skin, there are options to help with cigar breath, too. The most common options to combat cigar breath include cigar quality, food and drink, chewing gum, breath sprays, and mouth washes.

Cigar quality makes a big difference. Higher quality cigars have less chemical taste and odor. Purchasing from cigar shops gives smokers a chance to see and smell the products first hand before smoking. Employees at these shops are familiar with the products they sell and will be able to answer any questions relating to taste and aroma.

While smoking, drinking tea or eating certain foods can help to absorb cigar aftertaste and lingering breath issues. Green and black teas, dark chocolate, carrots, celery and foods or drinks that contain citric acid are effective choices. Chewing parsley or raw mint is another popular alternative.

Mint flavored chewing gums are recommended to get rid of cigar breath. Generally speaking, the stronger the flavor, the better the effect. Peppermint and spearmint are the best choices. Not all gums are created equal. Check the packaging and look for ones that say they help with smoker’s breath. Chewing gums are convenient because they can easily fit into a pocket or purse and be taken anywhere.

Many breath sprays and mouth washes are available commercially. They can be picked up at any grocery or drug store. Choose a mint or orange flavor for best results. The best sprays and washes for cigar smokers will be found at the local cigar shop. These specialty products are made just for smokers by people who understand and appreciate the problem of cigar breath. Specialty breath sprays and mouth washes often have added benefits including removing tar and helping to reduce stains on teeth. These products come in regular or pocket sizes for convenience.

The next time your cigar aficionado friends come over, meet them at the door in your silk smoking jacket and impress them with a full spread at the bar. Offer citrus themed mixed drinks and finger food snacks to go along with the smoking experience. Carrot and celery sticks can be placed on a tray to the side. Most will simply think you’re a good host and not even realize you’re fighting the dreaded cigar breath!

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