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How to Get Rid of Cigarette Breath

cigarette in handAs all non-smokers will tell us at regular, cigarette breath is not attractive or appealing, and actually repulses some people. But despite this cigarette smoking is a habit that’s hard to break, and why should we quit just to please others? Sometimes however we do want to smoke and yet still retain fresh breath. So how do we get rid of cigarette breath?

Mints – The Classic Fresh Breath

It may seem obvious, but an overdose of mints can go a long way to freshening up that old stale cigarette smell coming from your mouth. While it won’t always completely mask cigarette breath, it usually tones it down to a level where people do not really notice. mints are a cheap, easy and readily available way to clear up cigarette breath, whether in chewing gum or candy form! Mints are my personally preferred way of getting rid of the cigarette smell temporarily even if it doesn’t manage it completely.

Spicy Food

If you are taking some one out for a meal why not make it a Mexican or Indian, these foods easily mask the smell of smoke. The good news is that if you are taking a date out for one of these meals then you won’t be able to smell each others garlic breath either! Of course taking a date to an Indian can also have other unpleasant side effects so it can occasionally be a bit of a gamble. Some people prefer the smell of garlic to the smell of a cigarette though!

Oral Hygiene

It may seem obvious, but good brushing of the teeth, daily mouth wash and tongue scraping can greatly reduce the smell of cigarettes on your breath. Unfortunately the saliva you produce will bring the smell back, but good oral hygiene should massively reduce the strength of your cigarette breath!

Quit Smoking

This is the only real way to permanently solve your cigarette breath problem, and even then it may take several years for the smell to completely disappear. The money saved from buying cigarettes and the whiter teeth may help you move towards this idyllic solution however!

All in all getting rid of cigarette breath can be a huge challenge, with quitting smoking cigarettes the only real way to achieve it. Fortunately if you combine the above tips when needed you should be able to mask your cigarette breath when you need to!

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