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How to Get Rid of Coffee Breath

Ahh….that first sip of hot coffee, there’s nothing like it to get you going in the morning. Many of us can’t do without it. But now that you’re at work, AND have to meet with your boss in ten minutes, how do you get rid of that coffee breath? There’s the typical mouthwash or gum, and they certainly can do in a pinch, but they only mask the bad breath. There must be something more us coffee drinkers of the world can do to relieve ourselves of this affliction. Let’s look at the problem a little closer.

What is it about coffee that makes it hang around in our mouths for hours? If we look at it chemically, coffee is rather acidic. Now our mouths are a virtual playground for bacteria. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad. Adding coffee to this lovely bacterial soup can upset the balance, in turn causing bad breath. So, how do we fix it?

Baking Soda

Can you remember the vinegar and baking soda volcano from science class? Now we don’t want a chemical volcano going off in our mouths, but maybe we can use this idea. Baking soda has actually been used in toothpaste commercially for years, but due the texture and taste not very much actually ends up in it. However, if you can get by those issues, straight baking soda is actually a rather effective way to clean up our mouths, as well as any odors that may be lingering there.
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Hydrogen Peroxide

Another surprising household item that can be useful to get rid of coffee breath is hydrogen peroxide. Now we all know what it can do to our clothes and hair (ouch!) but it can help with coffee breath. Diluted in a half and half solution with water, hydrogen peroxide can safely help clean out the bad bacteria in our mouth, thus restoring the bacterial balance to your mouth.


If you have reservations about using hydrogen peroxide, a more natural bacterial balancer is yogurt. We’ve all heard what it can do for our tummies but it actually can benefit our mouths as well. The problem is that you have to eat plain unflavored yogurt. No smoothies, no fruit, no sugars. Just plain old yogurt. I know, what’s the fun in that? Maybe someone can come up with a coffee-yogurt mix so you can have your caffeine without the coffee breath. It’s a thought.


Want another one? How about lemons? Just the thought makes you pucker, doesn’t it? But for whatever reason, lemon juice seems to be a natural neutralizer for odors, including the ones lurking in your mouth. The problem here is that lemons due have some natural sugar (even if you can’t taste it) and sugar can lead to other bacterial growth. So for some, it can be a refreshing, if not unique, bad breath fighter, but I don’t know that many of us would be up to sucking on some lemon wedges.

You may think some of these aren’t worth messing with. Maybe if you tweaked them by adding peppermint, they would be more tolerable. Maybe you would rather stick to gum. But what would you have to lose except your coffee breath?

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