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How to Get Rid of Cookies

No, these are not the cookies you eat everyday in the morning! HTTP cookies or the web cookies or just simply cookies are parcels that contain information about your surfing and browsing behavior which is stored in the computer. The websites that you visit online from home or wherever on earth are stored in the form of cookies in the computer. Cookies are text files. They hold several information and data about you that is smartly sent by the web server to the browser you use. Your browser deposits this information safely into the hard drive. The text files (cookies) contain loads of functions.

Cookies have a lot of advantages as well. They track your sessions, as you browse through websites that require log-in data, authenticates sessions and maintains personal preferences like page layout, text size and various other web page features. However, the primary purpose of cookies still remains intact. The purpose is to differentiate users and to remember them. The cookie aptly differentiates users with the log-in details such as the username and password and then uses these facts to remember the user when he visits the next time. They are not any random executable codes, but just simple text files. Cookies can be stored or deleted as the user wishes to. Getting rid of cookies is a very simple procedure that any user can follow and demonstrate.

Cookies are not aliens. They are not viruses or spyware, nor do they cause spam or pop-ups. So getting rid of them can be unnecessary sometimes. Cookies are shuttled back and forth from the computer to the web server when you surf through web pages that use cookies. The privacy and security aspect of cookies arise because of the vital information it carries for every user. The username and passwords of anyone can be fraudulently intercepted and easily used. Cookies also contain the list of websites that the user has surfed over a period of time. So the privacy concern is always there with cookies. In most of today’s browsers, cookies can be easily treated at will. Be it using them efficiently or deleting them discreetly, it can be done via easy methods. If the privacy and security of the listed websites really matter to you, you can set the browser to reject cookies by default. The only drawback in such cases is that the websites that need cookies cannot be rendered by your computer. Services like email, social networking web pages and online banking will not be possible. Since this is not viable and practical, it is advised that users delete the cookies once they are done surfing for the day. Getting rid of cookies is no big deal and also causes no harm to your system.

The Internet Explorer requires this treatment to get rid of cookies-
Go to the Tools menu of the Internet Explorer while making sure only one browser is opened at a time.
Select “Internet Options” from the menu.
Click on “Delete Cookies” and then confirm by clicking on “Ok”.

Also, you can delete cookies from your explorer by right-clicking the icon on your desktop and choosing “Properties”. Then follow steps two and three.

Deleting cookies in Firefox can be done by the following method-
Click on the “Tools” menu on the Firefox browser
Choose “Options”.
Click on “Privacy Tab” and choose the button that says “Clear Private Data”.
Check the box that says cookies and click “Ok” to confirm your decision.

CTRL+SHIFT+DEL can also delete cookies in Firefox. The following way can also be adopted-
Click on Options from Tools
Click the box “Always clear my private data when I close Firefox” which is available in the Privacy Tab.
Click on Settings and Check the box that says “Cookies”.

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