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How to Get Rid of Cuticles

Cuticles are one of those things that don’t make a huge difference to your looks, but over grown cuticles can look out of place on a neat person. Cuticles protect your finger from infection between the nail and skin of your finger, so it is important not to becomes over enthusiastic when trimming your cuticles. There are a few ways that you can alter the appearance of your cuticles, and I will go over some of these basic methods with you now!

The Push Back

This is the cheapest way of dealing with overgrown cuticles, it may be temporary, but it is free! Simply hold one nail down against the other and push backward. This is not the neatest way to deal with your cuticles, but it is the safest. Regularly pushing back your cuticles help prevent them from over growing, so removes the need to buy cuticle removing solution!

The Clip

You can get cuticle trimmers from most beauty stores. These trimmers are by far the neatest way to deal with your cuticles. However unless you are ambidextrous you may find yourself having some difficulty using them with your weak hand on your good hand. A good way to get around this is to have a friend do your cuticles for you with your cuticle trimmers. When you are using cuticle trimmers you should be careful to leave around half a millimeter of cuticle to prevent infection of your fingers. Also be careful to avoid nipping the skin of your fingers!

The Solution

You can get plenty of cuticle softening solutions for when your cuticles become too large. Paint your cuticles with a cuticle softening solution and then simply rub your excess cuticles away. Remember to follow the instructions carefully on these solutions, they can cause damage to your fingers and nails if you leave the solution on for too long!

All in all removing and maintaining your cuticles is an easy job, if they become too large however it is best to use a cuticle removing solution or cuticle trimmers to get them back to a manageable length. You will find that your cuticles on your fingers rarely grow too large. On your toes however you can often see your cuticles growing ridiculously large, this can be uncomfortable and unattractive! Using the simple tips on how to get rid of cuticles you should have no problems with your cuticles at all!

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