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How to Get Rid of Dead Animal Smells

Walking into the room you can not only smell the wretched odor, you can taste it too. Its on your clothes, your skin, you fear it will never go away! You are desperate to find a solution, no matter the cost, to remove that dead animal smell that has you imprisoned.

One obvious concern is to find the culprit that is making such a stink. Imagine forgetting this all important step, all your odor removing work would be for naught. Yet, tracking down this critter could be a challenge, depending on where it breathed its last. Desperate times, though, call for desperate measures so roll up your sleeves and get ready to work.

Food Grade Solutions

Coffee grounds not only work well to wake you up in the morn, they are said to absorb odors quite readily. Along with baking soda and vinegar these solutions should give some relief. Charcoal briquettes from the grill or horticultural lime are also known as odor removing agents.

Odor Deodorizers

Enzyme cleaners/deodorizers are all over the market as the next best thing to assist in the removal of odors. They work by attacking the odor causing bacterias. Other options include air fresheners, air filters and candles. However, the draw back is that they only mask the odor rather than eliminate it altogether. The upside is that this temporary relief of fresh air may be just what you need as the other solutions do their part in removing the smell for good.


Yes, the last option is time. Eventually, the smell will go away. Opening windows and doors to speed the travel of said smell to oblivion is advisable, as well. If you just cannot take it anymore you can always take a last minute vacation to the cheap motel down the way, although there is no guarantee that it will smell much better than your home or business’s current condition.

Patience is the key to beating the bad boy that breathed his last within your comfort zone. Upon removing said critter, it make take a bit of playing around to figure out the best option for your situation. Even if, at the very least, the process of eliminating this smell gives you something to concentrate on while time takes care of what nature normally does on its own. I don’t think we’ve ever heard of a resident rodent complaining about the smell coming from the next hole over.

As you breath in the sweet smell of success you might want to consider how this critter got to where it did. Is there a hole, crack or other entrance that needs to be repaired to prevent this from occurring again in the future. You will need to go around the entire perimeter of the building to check for the now infamous entrance. Do not forget to check high, as well as low. Prevention is key to keep those critters at bay.

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