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How to Get Rid of Dead Pixels

Dead pixels can be annoying at times! What are they exactly? A dead pixel is a defective pixel that remains unlit. Dead pixels are usually best seen against a white background. This usually happens due to a transistor malfunction or uneven distribution of liquid in the liquid crystal display. However, this can more often than not be rectified. There are 3 methods to fix this problem and are very easy to follow!

Software Method

1) Check on the Internet for pixel fixing software. There are many sites that offer specific pixel repairing software for different monitor configurations. Rapidly turning the monitor on and off can also do the trick sometimes by revitalizing the dead pixels. However, if that does not work, follow the steps below.

Pressure Method

1) Turn off the monitor of the computer.

2) Get a damp, but not wet, piece of cloth, so that the screen does not get scratched

3) Get yourself a pen, pencil, screwdriver, or any apparatus that has a converging, but relatively blunt point. The perfect instrument would be the stylus of a PDA.

4) Make sure you fold the piece of cloth to ensure the instrument you are using does not puncture the cloth and scratch the screen.

5) Take the instrument and apply pressure on the screen where the dead pixel is through the piece of folded cloth. Make sure you do not put pressure anywhere else on the monitor, as this can create more dead pixels.

6) Continue applying pressure while turning on your computer and monitor.

7) Gently let go of the pressure and the dead pixel will not be there. This technique will work as the liquid has not spread into each little pixel.

Tapping Method

1) Turn on the LCD monitor and computer.

2) On your monitor, double click on an entirely black image as this can show the dead pixels very noticeably against the backdrop. (IMPORTANT* – Make sure you show only a black image and not a blank signal as you need to use the backlight of the LCD in this process for illuminating the back of the panel.)

3) Get yourself a pen with a round end. A marker with the cap on will also be perfect for this.

4) Use the pen’s rounded end and very gently tap on the area where the dead pixel is. Make sure you do not tap too hard. Do it just enough to notice a white glow just under the point where the pen meets the monitor. If you do not see a white glow, then you have not tapped hard enough, so slightly increase the pressure of your taps till you see the white glow.

5) Continue tapping gently. Keep increasing the pressure on the taps steadily until the dead pixel is no longer visible.

6) Now, double click on an entirely white image like an empty Word document to make sure that you did not inadvertently create more harm than good. Your job is done!

More Tips to Get Rid of Dead Pixels

1) If this tapping and pressure technique does not work, take your instrument and start to move outward around the dead pixel. If you notice the pixel shimmer while doing this then you can easily find out where you can focus the pressure and tapping techniques.

2) More often than not, many people are happy with this technique but they may not work in every case. Don’t be disheartened if it is still not fixed initially. It may take more than one attempt to ensure you are pressing directly on the dead pixel.

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