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How to Get Rid of Dirty Armpits

Dirty armpits. Ah yes, we have all experienced the humiliation, not to mention the odor, of dirty armpits at one time or another. Usually, dirty armpits occur at the most inopportune times like during a big presentation at the office or a first date with your dream girl or guy.

The following are lists of possible sweet solutions. They range from the obvious to the less commonly known. So, without further ado here they are:

Solution #1: Sweating the Obvious

1. WASH those armpits before and after work or play; whether you perform manual labor OR you’re sweating that big event in nice clothes. All factors of daily life, including nervousness, can contribute to dirty, stinky armpits.

2. Cut or shave the hairs under your armpits. Hairs trap sweat and odors that cause unpleasantness to manifest. Cutting or shaving keeps the area cleaner and its’ therefore less likely to become a “pitfall”.

3. Although it seems like a good idea, AVOID spraying perfumes under your armpits. Perfumes are not made for armpit odor control AND can even mix with your sweat and cause a bad odor.

4. Wear light and airy clothing during hot, dry seasons to keep air circulating through your armpit area.

5. Try baking soda-based powder after washing and use a good, baking-soda based stick deodorant before dressing.

Solution #2: Dirty Little Secrets About Life

1. Refined sugar feeds bacteria and causes body odors to multiply. Keep that in mind as you munch that donut on a hot day.

2. Flush out your pores with physical exercise. Next, sit in a hot bath or sauna and flush your system until your sweat runs sweet.

3. Spot wash areas with soap and water to keep odor and sweat at bay AND your pores clean of the clog of antiperspirants.

4. Drink lots of water in every season.

5. Cut down on drinking and smoking the day of a big event. Tobacco and alcohol can cause smelly body odors.

Solutions #3: Little Known Pit-Fixers

1. To neutralize odors apply a paste made of a tsp of baking soda and two tsp of water.

2. Make a solution out of 1.5 tsp of apple vinegar and 8 1.5 tsp of water. Mix it up in a bottle with an applicator tip. Keep it handy in the bathroom and use as an astringent after your bath or shower. Make sure you rinse the area off and dry it before applying a baking soda based deodorant. The reason vinegar is such an odor eradicator is because it equalizes the PH balance of the skin, therefore helping to keep bacteria at bay.

These are just some of the dirty armpit fixes that I know of. I hope one or more of these solutions will do the trick for you as you do your part to Keep America Beautiful and Smelling Sweet!

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