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How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

drain flyDrain flies, as the name suggests, are annoying bugs that hang around drains. They have a great affinity towards anything wet and leaky. It just adds to their temporary villa if there is slime and sludge near the drain as well. The thing is, drain flies are really tiny like black pests floating around at really fast paces. Sometimes, they are also mistaken for moths hence the variations in the names as drain flies, drain moths and the like.

The good thing about them is that they do not bite. If you find a few, it is highly likely that their breeding ground is near as they never fly too far, or cannot fly too rather. So before you start your drain fly rinse, the following are some things needed in the form of cleaning equipment:

  • Old toothbrush you will not be needing anymore
  • Gloves
  • Light bleach, diluting it with water works just as well to make it light
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Insecticide spray
  • Cloth that is very absorbent and dries things off well

So after you have gathered all this, head to the shower or pipes where you have spotted your infestation area. First use the toothbrush to remove all the surrounding dirt as much as possible. You can keep the water running in this case, give a very thorough cleaning. Use the diluted bleach which will act as a safe guard and disinfectant. While using the pipe cleaner dipped in the bleach, get as far as you can and clean it well on the inside. Turn the taps on after you have finished giving it a thorough rinse out, then repeat the process with the pipe cleaner again, and give it a final rinse. In the end spray the insecticide on it for good measure and leave it overnight. In the morning, before you use the tap, allow it to run for sometime to get rid of the insecticide and use it normally.

The above tips are for infestation near taps pipes and the like that is easily accessible by you. For other more intense infestations, try to discover the location, think about parts of your house that are smelly and wet at the same time. Drain flies are also greatly attracted towards the garbage disposal area and many people keep their dustbins under the sink providing a resort of types for the drain flies.

The cleaning of these areas may require a professional but you can attempt it yourself before calling in the professional. Check all the following places for an infestation, you do not want to clean out place to realize you have a lot more. So check the washing machine areas, especially the lint bag areas where it tends to be damp, sewage places and the drains around that. Most muck is often there and drain flies just love it there. Look in the gutters, around the most neglected parts of your homes and a fine breeding ground for them would be any place with stagnant water, then the shower curtain areas as slime tends to build up there and that provides a good place for the flies to lay their eggs and larvae to hatch. The parts of the sink that is attached to wall and the tiny crevices are few more mating hot spots.

Use a pressure spray of water if you can to muck out all this, then get down to disinfecting it with the bleach. Remember to buy insecticides and spray it after you have completed the cleaning, keep these areas as dry and possible and clean it regularly to prevent a re-infestation.

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