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How to Get Rid of Ducks in Your Pool

Someone who has not experienced the privilege having ducks in their pool may balk at wanting to get rid of our fine-feathered friends. Take it from someone who has had the foul experience of water fowl interloping in my swimming pool it is not cute, or funny for more than five minutes! They go to the bathroom wherever they stand… or swim! Trust me duck dropping are not cute little droppings they are… well just take my word for it without the lengthy description, duck droppings are plentiful and bad! That alone is enough to want them away from your pristine water but no, they also shed feathers and become territorial when you decide you might want to join them or chase them off. Ducks are great to look at, at the pond, but in your pool, it is a whole other story.
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Motion, Sound and Color

If you are home when the interlopers arrive, you can chase them around the pool with a remote control boat. The motion should frighten them away. This will only work if you are at home and aware when they arrive.

A sound alarm on your pool set to go off when something falls in will frighten them away. This is effective on wild ducks, but can be annoying if the visitors arrive in the wee hours, or at night.

Streamers of bright colors, Mylar balloons, colorful beach balls and a variety of floats will give them a fright. For some ducks, these thing work for good and you will never see them again, and for the more persistent ducks they only work long enough for them to discover that the new things are harmless.


A dog that enjoys water is a great duck deterrent, as long as you do not mind the dog in your pool. To me a dog is the lesser of two evils. The dog has to be willing to actually get in the water and chase the ducks though or they will just play in the water impervious as he runs around the pool frantically.


The simplest answer is to cover your pool with a pool cover. There are solar covers available that will heat the pool for you while it protects the water from the interlopers. They may make a landing or two to test that it is actually impregnable but it will keep the ducks and their dropping out of your water for good!

Ducks at a pond or park, or flying in a v through the sky are a great sight. However, in your once sparking pool at the end of a hot day-not so much. Using the techniques listed above you should get rid of the ducks in your pool for good.


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  2. Here is a very cheap and easy solution. I went to the local 99 cent store and purchases a bag of large red balloons. I put about a cup or so of water in them and then you blow them up nice an big. Put 3 to 5 of these into the pool. The water inside keeps them from blowing a way. They float around the pool and the ducks don’t like it. If you have a water fall turn it on too. When the water hits the balloon, it makes a noise the ducks don’t like at all.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Fishing line strung around the inside perimeter of the pool (above waterline) and a large “X” across the top of the pool (again, above the waterline) worked well for us. Beach balls did not work. Neither did our Golden Retreiver or our cat…

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