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How to Get Rid of Duckweed

duckweedDuckweed is a naturally occurring plant in water that doesn’t have a lot of movement or aeration. Ponds are very susceptible to this plant. It can overtake ponds very quickly. Duckweed will kill off other vegetation and fish in the body of water if allowed to spread. Ducks do like to eat duckweed, but if you do not want ducks in your pond or body of water you need another solution. Duckweed will keep producing, and any waterfowl that lands in your pond may have spores on their wings and will reintroduce a duckweed population in your clean pond.

The Risk of Using Herbicides

You can choose to use an herbicide to eliminate your duckweed problem. Unfortunately most herbicides will kill off the other vegetation you do want in your pond. Some herbicides can also be toxic to any animal life in the water. An herbicide like Reward is effective at killing off duckweed. It will need to be reapplied when new duckweed infestations occur. A regular broad leaf herbicide will not be effective on duckweed.

Natural Methods to Get Rid of Duckweed

You can choose to use a more natural method to get rid of duckweed. A grass carp, koi, or large goldfish, can help you get rid of duckweed. Do not feed the fish too much, so they are encouraged to eat the duckweed. Inviting a duck population or buying your own ducks can help you get rid of the duck weed. There are also a variety of insects that can help you control duckweed growth, but most likely will be unable to rid the duckweed completely.

Old-Fashioned Duckweed Removal

Then of course the old fashioned way of manually removing each piece of duckweed you see. This will be a never-ending job most likely. You can use a net, or purchase a mechanical skimmer. This method is effective but will never be an end all in the duckweed fight. This will help you keep the overgrowth under control. Providing aeration to the body of water can also help your duckweed fight. Simply adding a garden hose to your pond and letting it overflow, all the duckweed will float out. You will probably need to do this often to keep the duckweed down.

These procedures are more for you to try to limit overgrowth, unfortunately duckweed is widespread and the elimination is nearly impossible. Some people find duckweed to be a nice decorative touch to the natural pond look. Duckweed can also be used as food for other animals.

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  1. I prefer the old fashion methods. I like the idea of overflowing a small pond to let the duckweed drain out. Good idea for small ponds. I also like the ideas on this site about using fish and other animals to control duckweed

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