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How To Get Rid Of Ear Fluid

Ear Fluid can sometimes be a drag, either causing us to feel dizzy and nauseous or giving us allergies, colds and flu’s. Not to worry though, cause where there’s a problem there’s a solution. There are many remedies out there dating back to grandma years that help with our ear fluid problems. So if you’re having to deal with this bother, take a look at the following remedies, they may be of some help to you.

Over the Counter and Over the Medicine Cabinet Remedies

There are many ear drops at your local pharmacy or nearest store to chose from to help with ear fluid. If you have tried over the counter ear drops already and you had no luck, there’s also medication you can take. Pills like acetaminophen and ibuprofen can help you get rid of the pain, but keep in mind this is only for adults not children under 12.

Hydrogen Peroxide?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide is a great way to clean out your ear from that bothering fluid. It is best if one buys an ear dropper to make the process a tad easier on you. Start by laying down in either your bed or sofa, just make sure you’re head is on somewhat of a flat surface. Second, fill the dropper with some hydrogen peroxide and release about 3 drops into your ear canal while laying down. It’s going to feel like it’s fizzing up in your ear, making bubbly noises as well, and it might get itchy but whatever you do don’t scratch it. After letting a few minutes pass by, grab a piece of toilet paper and flip to the other side, letting the hydrogen peroxide along with the ear fluid rinse out. Lastly, wipe off any excess fluid left in your ear with a tissue and you’re all done.


Warmth to the ear can also help you with ear fluid problems. This is an old time remedy that might help, start by getting a towel wet with hot water, rinse it good so there are no drops falling from it, and place it against your ear. You can also try using other things like a warm bottle of water or a bag with warm olive oil inside.

Use a Decongestant

Bothersome of ear fluid may be cause by other body problems, such as the nose. Try using a decongestant and antihistamine to reduce any nasal congestion that you may have.

If matters come to worst and none of these remedies do it for you, you may want to contact your doctor. He or she may be able to provide you with medication or even ear drainage.



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