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How To Get Rid of Ear Mites

Your dog is walking around in circles and scratching or clawing at his ears and also hangs his head low with one ear looking kind of saggy. You laugh because you think it’s cute to see such humorous activities in your pet but it’s not a laughing matter for your animal. Chances are your pet has ear mites that can cause infection and damage his inner ear if the infestation of ear mites is left untreated. Ear mites are grey or black spots in your pet’s ear and this is dried blood and/or puss.

There are several home versions you can try to relieve your pet of ear mites and are inexpensive and fairly easy to administer. Hold your pet gently and with your thumb and forefinger hold the ear open to apply the following solutions.
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Mineral Oil

One of the easiest and least expensive of all treatments. Using an eye dropper allow several drops to coat the inside of the ear and apply a small amount of pressure with your fingers and rub gently to spread the mineral oil throughout the ears.

Campho Phenique

A pain relieving antiseptic found in a drug store and it’s main ingredient is camphor. The oily base smothers mites and also aids in the healing process.

Dawn Soap and warm water

Use a mixture of one cup warm water and about two tablespoons of Dawn dish washing soap. Using a syringe irrigate your pet’s ears until the water runs clear.

It’s very important to understand that any of these treatments are not natural to your pet and could frighten him so be cautious not be bitten and understand his need to shake the treatments from his ears. Also,due to your pet’s head shaking it might be best to move your treatment area out doors due to the exudate and ear wax that could end up on your couch and in your carpets.

Veterinarian assistance: Oral or inject-able Ivermectin

If you are still seeing symptoms of ear mites in a couple of weeks it’s time to contact a veterinarian. His treatments are more costly but when you’ve run your last hope for curing your pet yourself it’s time to contact a professional.

The ivermectin can be either oral or injectable for a dog. Never use ivermectin on a cat as it is toxic to cats.

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