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How to Get Rid of Fingerprints

Fingerprints can be a bothersome problem especially on surfaces with a gloss finish such as windows, appliance and wood tables. There are several methods for removing fingerprints from surfaces. The product used can depend on the material of the surface, such as wood, glass or tile.

If trying to remove from a sealed wood such as a table or shelf I would suggest using a polish such as Pledge or Endust. All you need do is simply spray the cleaner on the surface or area you want cleaned then wipe with a clean cloth. You can also use a mixture of Murphy’s Oil soap and water. Follow the directions on the bottle for mixture strength, you will need something to mix it in, I prefer a bucket, then just dampen your cloth with the solution and wipe clean.
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If the wood is not sealed you will need to be a little more careful as to the product used but fingerprints are less likely to be an issue with this type of finish. But if they are present try using a warm water and mild detergent, if needed or desired. I would suggest trying an inconspicuous area before using a product that you are uncertain of, as unsealed surfaces may absorb the product and leave a stain.

As for cleaning glass or appliances with a finish other than stainless steal, I know of three methods that are great for getting rid of fingerprints. One is to use a standard window cleaner like Glass plus or any other generic formula. Spray on the area needing cleaned and wipe with a rage, paper towel or you can even use old newspapers for a lint free eco friendly finish. Another option is the use normal rubbing alcohol. Just dampen your rag and simply wipe the area clean of dust, dirt and fingerprints. The third method is for those eco conscience individuals but works well are removing the prints as well as disinfects. In a spray bottle mix one part white vinegar to one part water, spray of the surface and wipe clean, with a, rag, paper towel or newspaper. Because of the acidic nature of alcohol and vinegar there are some surfaces that you may need to avoid using these types of products on, such as some types of stone counter tops.

Please follow manufactures directions for cleaning these types of surfaces to avoid ruining the finish. As for stainless steel surfaces I would suggest using a product specifically for that type of finish to avoid any harm to the finish.

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