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How to Get Rid of Frogs

green frogFrogs are generally helpful creatures, eliminating other pests like centipedes, spiders, slugs and many other creepy crawlies, by eating them. The problems arise when the frogs go overboard in mating or call all their friends and it then becomes a case of “too much of a good thing”! Not only do they now take the liberty of calling their friends over, but when they begin to annoy you by eating your dog food, eating in the garden, pooping all over your once beautiful plants and excessive “music” sessions that become more ear shattering than pleasing, then it is definitely time to rid yourself of them.

Keep Frogs Away, But Don’t Kill Them

If you did like the frogs once upon a time then you may not want to resort to biological warfare just yet. Using things like a good pressurized water spray to clean areas like the gutters and sewage places which are damp and breeding grounds for frog food is a good idea. Take away the meals and eventually they have to move out and find another source. Keeping the place clean to prevent all critters from coming back is a good idea.

Some other more painful and drastic options include:

  • Using very hot water as a spray
  • Using pesticides
  • Moth balls
  • Catching them and allowing anyone with a sadistic streak to have their way with them
  • Barricading your house with netting

Hot Water Spray Machine

The hot water spray is available for rental. The machine will heat the water up to a high degree and then spray this in your garden or whatever frog afflicted area you have, and this will kill all the critters, not only the frogs, barring ants and your plants, everything else is killed. This not only serves as a good warning to future frogs but then the decaying animals act as added manure to the plants.


Pesticides work well, but if you have a pond, and a fish or some other creature that dwells there, it could end up eating the infected frog. Now, you will have more than just dead frogs on your hand, so this is suggested for gardens versus larger ponds.

Moth Balls

Moth balls seem to be a permanent and effective irritant to any bug. No matter what the case, they just cannot stand the smell of it. They keep away the frogs and the snakes and many other creepy crawlies, but the smell may end up irritating you as well.

Additional Methods to Get Rid of Frogs

Citric acid is all well and good, but check with the legalities of using it in your area first.

If there aren’t many frogs in your garden, catch them and get some kid to squish them any way they like. Nothing better than throwing some salt solution over them, though it is recommended not to spray this over your plants, they get dehydrated and die from it eventually as well.

Another method that recently surfaces which is less cruel by far, but more tedious is to catch all the tadpoles and lay them out to dry to death. Then catch the adults, deep freeze them to send them into a peaceful coma and them bury them far away. Less torturous eh, burying them alive! There is no risk of contamination as you are obviously placing them in containers and freezing them. If you do want to reuse the containers, wash them out with some strong disinfectant or just shove the frogs in some plastic bags and freeze them and bury them.

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