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How to Get Rid of Garter Snakes

garter snakeIt’s a beautiful warm spring day, you decided to go out to your garden to check on your flowers and there it is…A SNAKE! Now that your heart is pumping out of fear of this slithering little creature, you realize that it’s just a little garter snake. You’ve heard your entire life that these particular snakes are not poisonous, but can they still be harmful? Why are they hanging around your garden? And the most important question of all: how do I get rid of garter snakes?

About Garter Snakes

Relax, although they can make you feel uncomfortable, garter snakes are not poisonous. But, is this particular snake a garter snake? Coloration of theses snakes varies widely depending on their geographical location. Garter snakes have a common pattern with a small strip running straight down their backs with two broader strips on either side. Their patterns seem to appear more checker board like because of their scales, and colors can range anywhere from light brown to bright red.

A garter snakes diet consists of anything from earthworms, to small salamanders or lizards, small fish, and occasionally small birds. Garter snakes also like to live in warm moist places. This makes your garden an ideal home for garter snakes. Most garter snakes tend to not bite a human, and can even be handled, but if one does choose to bite, they can cause mild swelling and itching.

Now, if you’ve figured out that you’re now dealing with a garter snake, you need to know how to get rid of it. There are several ways to rid your beautiful garden of garter snakes; let’s take a look at the top five recommended methods:

5 Ways to Get Rid of Garter Snakes

1. Keep your lawn trimmed. You should keep your lawn at about two inches or shorter. Garter snakes like to be hidden and this may deter them from taking up residence at your home. They also recommend placing boards along your fence line to deter visitors from your neighbors yards.

2. Shrubs and bushes make a great hiding place for garter snakes. You should remove bushes, particularly ones that tend to be real heavy and grow close to the ground. If your choose to have bushes or shrubs, choose ones that grow higher off the ground and keep them free of grass and mulch underneath.

3. Pest control is also a good method of getting rid of garter snakes. A garter snakes diet consists of just about everything from earthworms, insects and so on. So, an effective way to keep garter snakes at bay is to control these pests.

4. The use of mothballs can also be effective in getting rid of garter snakes. Available just about anywhere, mothballs surrounding your home can help you rid it of garter snakes. Mothballs are toxic to children so you must exercise extreme caution when using this method.

5. Simply catch and remove them. You must exercise caution here also. According to blogs on Yahoo Answers, you can use glue traps, most commonly used to catch small rodents to catch garter snakes. Then, simply relocate them far away from your home. Be sure to wear heavy work gloves if you choose this method as a bite can be very irritating.

Products for Getting Rid of Garter Snakes

There are also a lot of different products available at hardware and home improvement stores that are supposed to repel snakes. Most of these use chemicals, and even the ones that say they are all natural don’t seem to work. If the garter snakes don’t creep you out and you are able to live with them being in your yard, you can also just let them be. They do eat a lot of insects, and slugs which can be damaging to certain types of plants.

Seeing these “garden snakes”, as they are sometimes referred to, can cause quite a scare. They are not poisonous, but can cause an irritating bite. They can be useful in some aspects, but the majority of people want rid of them. These methods seem to be the best available. If you’re still not sure of how to get rid of garter snakes, you could always get yourself a cat. Children love the pets and they are a natural enemy to most varieties of “snake food”.


  1. Yesterday, for the second time, my indoor cat was playing with a small garter snake on my living room floor. How did it get in my house with closed storm doors and window

    • The cat probably drug it inside when it came in and you did not notice. My cat ran in with asquirrel, but I caught it . The head was on the porch. I also found half of a garter snake on the side walk.

  2. My cat has killed garter #3 inside my home yesterday….ugh! Scary. Even though they are harmless, who the hell wants to wake up and step outta bed on a snake…enough to make ya freak out!! I’ve been eliminating them steadily this spring, and due to the easy winter I feel there is many more than last year. I had a cockroach trap in the basement to catch water beetles….yesterday it caught a medium sized garter which my cat found and made a bloody mess in my kitchen lol. So thank goodness for my cat! And I’m considering buying one of these 25 dollar snake traps advertised online and ridding this property of them. I have no idea where they are getting in….cracks in the foundation that i cant see is my guess….

  3. I have two cats and they’re always getting out of the house! I didn’t know why they always wanted to go outside till……………..One day I go outside to find them and I see five dead garden snakes! The cats have been killing the garden snakes! But My lil one and dogs think it’s okay to bring them inside!!!! Snakes don’t scare me, I just don’t want them in my house. Garden snakes belong in the garden, not my house.

  4. I have several garden snake living between the siding of my home. I like the snakes but don’t want them living in my home. What should I do?

  5. I just put a pond in my back yard, filled it with fish, and have discovered snakes are eating them! I saw 2 there tonight, a baby, and a nice fat one! The fat one came up from the water licking his chops (really, he was), then quickly scurried into the rocks forming the waterfall. Any suggestions how to get rid of them?

    • Grow garlic around your property, If in rocky place then use garlic bulbs or garlic power. Snakes don’t like GARLIC.

      • Does the Garlic powder really work, I have several in my back yard and I hate them. I have tried the moth balls and that didnt work, Ill try the garlic. any thing else you can recomend ?

      • Thank you, this may work for me. We are infested. We are in the country, have a small lake and our lot is full of native plants and little animals. Plenty of hiding spots. Snakes keep eating our frogs, salamanders, and baby birds. Plus they make lots of underground tunnels that cave in.

  6. Two weeks ago I saw a big garter snake in my front yard. Ugh nooo. I live in Chicago I thought they wouldn’t be here in the cold. But he was. Now how do I keep them out. I got to little dogs


  8. I hate snakes–good or bad. Cats do bring their “kills” inside as a present for their masters. I always find dead things at my front door on the porch. I now have a garter snake that got away from me yesterday. I have no idea how long it is because it was hiding and I couldn’t reach it to kill it. A bird and squirrel were sounding the alarm for me to come see. I went to get the shovel but when I got back it was gone. It was after a nest of 2 newly-hatched house wrens and 1 egg. I just checked the nest and they are all gone. I guess it got its meal. The snake must have found the nest last night or this morning. I’m so mad! I will try these methods everyone has mentioned. But I’m killing it. Thanks for the info!

  9. i was walking my dog in my backyard when the air conditioner kicked on and a garter snake ( blue greenish ) poped out of the ventalation pipe that led in to my house! my dog is small and still young and i dont want her to get hurt. how do i get rid of the snake and its path into my house ? what are the symtoms for a garter snake bite?

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