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How to Get Rid of Geese

Geese can be a lovely sight to see at your local park or pond, but when they invade your yard, they can be real trouble. Geese produce lots of droppings, leaving the yard an unsanitary place for children to play, and they can be very aggressive. Fortunately, there are ways to safely keep geese away from your property without having to harm them. From chemicals to sounds, there are many ways to solve a goose problem. Here are a few methods to get rid of geese:
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Goose Repellents

There are numerous commercial repellents on the market that make the grass around your home or lawn unsavory for the geese. These are often liquid products that can be sprayed directly onto the grass to change its taste. Once the geese learn that the grass in a particular spot is unsavory, they will leave it alone. In many of these products, Methyl Anthranilate (which comes from a type of grape) is the working ingredient, so they shouldn’t harm other wildlife. Many of these products are bio-degradable and can be safely used by households with pets.

Scare Tactics

Another way of deterring geese from your yard is by scaring them. Placing dummy predators around the lawn will discourage geese from landing there. Coyotes, foxes and wolves are natural predators and their silhouettes are an unwelcoming sight to geese. 3-D lawn sculptures are available at certain garden stores and companies, or you can create your own 2-D silhouette cut-outs. Be warned, however, the dummy method may work for a time, but if the birds wise up, other methods will be necessary.

Sound Devices

There are several sound devices that work in repelling geese. One method is to set up a system of honks or whistle calls that will scare the birds away, but this can be equally annoying to people. Predator sounds and distress calls can also be recorded and played, but they also tend to disturb the neighbors. For residential areas, ultrasonic devices may be better. These devices release ultrasonic waves that annoy birds, but are silent to humans. Unfortunately, these ultrasonic waves also repel songbirds and hummingbirds, so wildlife watchers may want to opt for approaches 1 or 2.

For those plagued by populations of unwanted geese, there are many commercially available methods of repellant at hand. Some methods may be better for commercial properties or residential units, but from chemicals to cardboard, geese repellants are easy to find.

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  1. I’ve tried everything from scent repellents to flashing orange lights and nothing has kept the geese from destroying my property. I was just getting ready to give into buying a trained border collie when I came across the Goosinator online. It is humane, works on any type of surface (which was great because I could even keep the geese away during the winter months), and fun to use. I even got my kids to do most of the work for me as they have a blast driving it! And there is not the commitment or expense required if I were to get the border collie. Visit their website and you will be a believer. It saved my property!

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