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How to Get Rid of Ghosts

ghostIs your home or workplace haunted? It’s not as unrealistic as it may sound. Life after death is a fact to many reasonable, intelligent people. They believe that when we pass on to the next life, we still feel concern for loved ones, or may have regrets or unfinished business to work out. So we might want to stay around as ghosts.

Is Someone Here?

There are many ways to tell if a place is haunted. You might simply feel that you are not alone. You might feel emotions – sadness, anger, regret, or even happiness or calm — just by stepping into a certain area. You might feel someone touching you gently, as if to get your attention. Certain items might be missing or moved from where you put them, or a lost item might inexplicably turn up. Some people report feeling a “cold spot” in a haunted area. Others speak of sounds, voices, smells, unexplained shadows or lights. Pay attention to the way animals behave. They can pick up very slight changes in the environment which might be caused by ghosts. Some people claim to be able to intuitively “read” a house and sense possible spirits in more detail. But before you call in a psychic service that might be expensive, try finding out more on your own. According to folklorist Leea Virtanen, most people have some psychic ability.
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Standing in the place where uncanny feelings or events are strongest, say “Is someone here?” Take notice of any feelings or activity that may occur as a response.

What Does the Ghost Want?

If you think there is a ghost, you need to find out what it wants, and whether it needs to be “gotten rid of”. It might simply need someone to know its story. Conventional ghost hunters say that many ghosts are stuck in the earth plane due to concerns or regrets, unable to move on to the next phases of existence. Supposedly, they need to “let go and move toward the light”. This idea comes from a belief system called Theosophy, and has reportedly helped many ghosts.

However, it’s not always that simple! Ghosts are also known to linger so they can watch over loved ones, or keep an eye on a work place they loved. Some theaters, for instance, are said to be haunted by actors who liked working there. Ghosts can be very helpful; if they’re happy where they are, there’s no need to try to get them to move on unless and until they want to.

What Should You Do?

If you think you have a ghost, do not be afraid, but try to find out what he or she wants. Do a little research into the history of the place. The person trying to contact you may have lived and/or died there.

Stand or sit in the place where unusual feelings are strongest, and say “Please show me how I can help you.” Stay there for a while, keeping a “listening” attitude. You may feel an impulse to move toward a certain room, or look at certain objects. Ask the ghost to identify her- or himself, and again notice any impulses you may receive; to look at certain books or pictures, for instance. You may be able to piece together the story of the person’s life, and what may have happened to make them want to remain where they are.

Should The Ghost Leave?

Once you know the ghost’s history, if you think it’s likely that they are really “stuck” and don’t know how to move on, you can gently tell them their message has been heard. Repeat, as many times as necessary, “It’s all right – you can go on now.” Some people tell ghosts to “go toward the light”.

If the ghost doesn’t seem to want to go, don’t insist. You’re dealing with a person, after all, just one that you can’t see. Take your time, be patient, and let them know you are willing to help them. If the ghost seems happy where it is and just wanted to let you know it was there, you’ve made a friend on the other side.


  1. what if it dosent want help?
    what do you do if it wants you harmed?
    what i see are shadows and shadowy orbs sometimes its a shadow sometimes its a form of a person. on my last contact “it” had red eyes always between the time of 2am-5am when i feel it around me. i need help not like on fake “ghost hunters”….what do i do?

    • The SyFy show “Ghost Hunters”, involving The Atlantic Paranormal Society, is actually pretty much the only legit ghost ‘hunting’ show there is. A lot of anomalies can be honestly explained in non-paranormal ways. High EMF (Electromagnetic Field) energy can cause physiological reactions in living beings. This can even go so far as hallucination, and is caused by old or faulty wiring, and other such things. Your “orbs” could be any number of things; truly paranormal orbs are very rare. Most of the time they are dust or bugs or reflections.

      If you are serious in needing help, I highly recommend you contact a T.A.P.S. family member-group in your area for REAL assistance. They will come and help you at no cost whatsoever.

  2. You shouldn’t really do ANY OF THIS by yourself. If the entity is malevolent, this could cause harm to your and/or your belongings.

    You should seriously go HERE and get some professional (FREE) help if you believe your home is haunted.

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