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How to Get Rid of Giardia

Giardia is a parasite, most common in countries lacking a proper water filtration process. However, in the US, giardia is can be picked up by humans with such ease as kisses from your puppy. I have three, and all three of those puppies have contracted giardia. Then, when they lovingly bestow kisses on me, the parasites jump from their warm bodies to ours.

However, if you do catch giardia, the parasite can lay dormant in your body for a long time, lodged in the large intestine. Once the symptoms start to show, you will find yourself rather bloated, gassy, and unable to stop eating. Women have joked in the past that giardia is a blessing – you can eat and eat and eat, and yet never gain a pound. Also, giardia can come and go in your body, making it difficult to distinguish between “I am not feeling well” and “I have a parasite!!”.
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One way to rid your body of giardia is to let time take the course for you. Your body can, and will, fight off the parasite with good health, a strong immune system, and a lot of fluids. If you take care of your body with diet and exercise, your body may rid itself of the giardia naturally. However, while you are doing this, realize that not only are you going to experience the symptoms, your body can take years to get rid of the parasite.

There is a natural way to get rid of giardia, specifically made for humans. The treatment consists of taking digestive enzymes, which are probiotics in a pill form. Taken daily, the probiotics will not only relieve your digestive discomfort, but will also help create the natural digestive enzymes in your body. This will help relieve your GI distress.

Another way to get rid of giardia is simply to advise your doctor of your theory. My doctor believed me the second I told him a, I had dogs, and b, I had traveled out of the greater 48 states in the last few months. He advised me that the antibiotic was not harsh and would take five days to work. He assured me I would feel better in a few days. The first day of the meds (one pill, three times a day) was a bit rough, but the next day proved lesser symptoms and a bright outlook on a parasite-free future.


  1. My daughter has had diarrhea for 6 months. We do have a dog. She has been on Flagyl twice and each time the meds eradicate the symptoms for about 2 weeks before they come back. She is 2.5 years old. I cannot seem to get rid of this in her! She takes digestive enzymes as well as a probiotic. I’m worried b/c this has going on for so long. I have 2 other small children and a baby on the way and I am also worried about her passing this on to her siblings, especially the baby when he is born. Her gastroenterologist doesn’t want to keep putting her on the Flagyl so I need to find other ways to help fix this/heal her gut. Any ideas?

  2. Giardia lives in stagnant water, your dog should not have it. if it dos deworm it. You are incorrect about it coming and going,the sick feeling comes and goes. Giardia enters your cells and sheds eggs intermittently so it’s hard to catch. I am taking a vet class and we did parasite. DON’T go for natural when deworming,you have to use poison.

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