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How to Get Rid of Glassy Eyes

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Glassy Eyes

Glassy eyes are a physical condition in which an individual’s appearance is marked by a wide-eyed stare in which the eyes take on a shiny or glazed look. Instead of appearing bright and lively, glassy eyes seem to indicate a lack of focus, inattentiveness and listlessness associated with fatigue or disease. There are a number of ways to get rid of glassy eyes and their underlying causes.

Get Your Thyroid Checked

Individuals who have elevated thyroid levels, a condition called hyperthyroidism or Graves Disease, often exhibit glassy eyes as a symptom of this disorder. Taking the proper medication suggested by a health care professional as well as following a diet to help counteract the elevated thyroid levels can help to also eliminate the symptom of glassy eyes.
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Check Your Blood Sugar Levels

Individuals with low blood sugar, a medical condition known as hypoglycemia, often exhibit the tell-tale symptom of a glassy eyed stare. Neither the body’s organs or brain can function properly when blood glucose levels dip too low, resulting in glassy eyes, weakness, trembling and irritability. Eliminating sugar and white flour from the diet is one of the first steps to controlling this disorder, along with following a hypoglycemia diet that advocates eating 4 to 6 small meals a day, always starting the day with a full breakfast, and always eating protein with each meal to help discourage the roller coaster highs and lows of blood sugar levels associated with hypoglycemia.

Keep Eyes Well Hydrated

People who tend to blink infrequently often exhibit glassy eyes. The lack of frequent blinking causes the eyes to appear dry and lifeless. This can be easily remedied by using artificial tears to give the eye more hydration, consciously blinking more often, and using eye wash remedies to help keep the eye better hydrated. Certain eye allergies can cause the eyes to appear glassy, so use an over the counter allergy medication or hypoallergenic cosmetics around the eyes to get rid of glassy eyes.

Monitor Drug and Alcohol Usage

Individuals who take prescription drugs that affect the central nervous system often have glassy eyes as one of the side effects of such medication. Because these drugs depress the nervous system, the individual will blink less often, causing the eyes to appear lifeless and glassy. An individual who has consumed an excessive amount of alcohol, over the legal limit for driving, can also exhibit glassy eyes which will return to normal once they are sober again.

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