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How to Get Rid of Grasshoppers

green grasshopperGrasshoppers can be really annoying little insects and will destroy your plants, if given the opportunity. If you want to know how to get rid of grasshoppers and keep your plants thriving, check out some of the tips below:

Get Chickens

If you live in the country and have an influx of grasshoppers, you need about three or four chickens on the property. They love to eat these insects, and you may even end up with some nice eggs for breakfast. The downside to this option is that chickens will feast on certain plants, so be careful if you have a garden. Birds also love grasshoppers. If you can attract birds to the grasshopper-infested area, the birds will have a field day eating your insects and you will be free of the nasty bugs.

Spray Garlic Oil on Your Plants

Three cloves of garlic, minced, and an ounce of mineral oil will make a concoction that can be sprayed onto your plants. Before using, you should allow the garlic to soak in the mineral oil for approximately 24 hours, then use a strainer to strain out the garlic. A teaspoon of fish emulsion, which can be found in plant stores, should also be mixed with a cup of water. These two mixtures are then blended together and can be sprayed on the plants by using two tablespoons of the garlic oil per each pint of water. This will create a natural grasshopper repellent. Your garlic oil can be kept in a tightly closed jar and will probably last you throughout the season.

Break Ground

By breaking up the ground around your plants, you will be interfering with any egg laying that may be taking place. This, at least, will help to control baby grasshoppers from taking over where Mom and Dad may have left off.

Keep Weeds Away

Grasshoppers feed on weeds, so make certain you do not have any for them to eat. This may not only help your grasshopper problem, but it will also keep your garden looking attractive and neat.

Use Mesh to Protect Plants

If you are mainly concerned about protecting your plants from grasshoppers, there is mesh netting that can be placed around plants to prevent the nasty buggers from destroying them.

Do You Own a Cat?

Cats are natural predators when it comes to grasshoppers. If you have an outdoor cat that roams the property, you may find that your grasshopper population is dropping. Do not be surprised, though, if you find dead grasshoppers in the house, left there as a gift for you from your feline friend.

Use Strong Coffee on Plants

If you brew coffee about five times stronger than you would like to drink it and proceed to spray onto your plants, you may find that your grasshopper population will decrease. Of course, the strong coffee should be used only after it has a chance to cool down. It seems that grasshoppers are not coffee drinkers.

Here is one last tip on to get rid of grasshoppers: Move to a city!

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