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How to Get Rid of Heliobacter

One of the most painful stomach conditions is an ulcer. Ulcers were long thought to be caused by eating spicy foods, eating foods with high citric acid such as oranges or even the result of a stressful life. In the past 25 years or so researchers have found out that the most common cause of ulcers is the organism helicobacter H. pylori. Helicobacter H. pylori is probably the most common bacteria found in the world. It is estimated to effect or will effect up to half of the worlds population, which is about 3 billion people. So. there are a lot of people out who want to know how to get rid of heicobacter.

Since the stomach is so acidic, it was once though that almost no form of bacteria could thrive in the that environment. But, helicobacter attaches itself within the mucous in the lining of the stomach. It then starts to produce a substance called urease which helps to destroy the mucosa in the stomach and also helps to neutralize stomach acid. This provides a health environment for the organism to grow.

The presence of helicobacter does not always cause symptoms, but when it does it can be the cause of duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers, gastritis as well as stomach cancer.

In order to find out how get rid of helicobacter, you must first determine you have it. The way to detect the presence of helicobacter H. pylori is through a breath test, a blood test or a biopsy taken during an endoscopy. The blood test will tell if there are antibodies to helicobacter H pylori which means a person may have had it at one time but may or may not be currently infected. Only a breath test and an endoscopy can say for sure that a person has an active helicobacter infection.

Antibiotic Treatment

Antibiotic treatment is usually effective in most cases of helicobacter H pylori. Some of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for infection with the bacteria are clarythromycin, amoxicillin, metronidazole, and tetracycline. In some cases the ulcer is hard to treat with the aforementioned drugs alone, therefore doctors may add bismuth subsalicylate or a derivative. They may also combine a proton pump inhibitor drug with antibiotics in order to speed up the cure of the ulcer

Topical Therapy

Topical therapy to treat helicobacter H. pylori consists of a tube being inserted by way of an endoscope. A solution containing sodium bicarbonate and other drugs is then inserted into the stomach. The endoscope is then removed and the fluid left in place. In a few hours the fluid is suctioned out of the stomach. This procedure seems to work best with gastric ulcers.

Natural Remedies

Some people don’t like doctors and check the Internet for how to get rid of helicobacter. The Internet is full of natural cures for helicobacter. There is the couple spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar cure, the honey cure and various herbal remedies that are supposed to cure the infection. Some also say that milk with lactobacillus may not cure the ulcer but may give some relief. The problem is these methods have not been proven.

Getting the proper treatment for helicobacter can save an individual from unnecessary pain and aggravation therefore it’s important to check with your doctor if you suspect a helicobacter H. pylori infection.

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