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How to Get Rid of Hoarseness

Whether you “have a frog in your throat” or “sound a little hoarse”, losing your voice can be frustrating. There are a few tried a true ways to get rid of hoarseness, and sooth your aching throat. You may find that one of the cures is so yummy you wish you lost your voice more often.

The first thing you should do when you start to lose your voice is give it a rest. Much like a pulled muscle resting your vocal chords will give them a chance to heal. Don’t even whisper because that strains your vocal chords even more than speaking. If you smoke stop or reduce the amount. You literally need to rest the vocal chords.

Turn on your humidifier and relax, use this time to catch up on your reading. Enjoy one of the many recipes for drinks that sooth the hoarseness. Some people say that it is because they are afraid to have to drink more of it so they get better although I look forward to the warm drinks each time I am sick. My favorite is simple: mix warm sprite, whiskey, a generous squeeze of lemon, a dollop of honey together and drink slowly. It soothes your throat and tastes great! Another drink that will get rid of hoarseness is mixing a cup of water with a generous amount of vinegar and drinking it down. The vinegar kills the bacteria in your throat. You can also drink a tablespoon of vinegar straight, but it can cause nausea. Peppermint, Ginger, or Basil Tea are all reported to sooth a hoarse throat as well.

If time rest and soothing drinks do not restore your voice perhaps you need to see your Dr. to identify the cause. The Dr. may prescribe antibiotic to deal with any underlying infection.

The next time you swallow a frog look at it as an excuse to relax and enjoy some quiet. Sit back with a good book or TV show a warm drink and you’ll be better before you know it and wishing that getting rid of hoarseness took just a little bit longer!


  1. Hi, i really have a bad cold.
    to make it worse, i have a few solos in my choir,
    and i have a huge performance tomorrow.
    my director was so happy that i could make it,
    and she said that i’d have to lead the show.

    i hope this works.
    it has to.

  2. How long does take for it to heal

    • it will take a day depending on how bad it is,but for the whole day dont speak and drink water or hot tea with honey that should help

  3. before you go and sing drink tea or hot honeyand lemon, and dont add any sugar to it also to help take some strepsils,either lemon and honey or the ice cold one i like those 2

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