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How to Get Rid of Honey Bees

honeybeeBees are some of the most intriguing and interesting creatures in the world. They have a highly developed social system including: division of labor, communication, protection and reproduction.

However, with that homage paid to the honey bee, most of us would prefer them to nest in places other than in our backyards, under our eaves, or in our walls. If you find yourself in a situation where honey bees have become problematic, take the following steps to remove them:

Call a Professional

Bee keepers abound, especially in the South, where many make a good living from selling the honey. Many bee keepers will come out and remove the hive for free, as long as they get to keep the bees. Since most people really don’t care where the bees go after they no longer inhabit their living space, having a professional bee keeper remove the hive is the number one way to get rid of bees. If a bee keeper is unavailable to help you, call an exterminator. An exterminator won’t be nearly as accommodating as a bee keeper, since he will expect to be paid for his services, but rest assured that this will be money well spent. If these bees attempt to re-colonize the nest after it has been removed, the exterminator will generally come out and treat again for no charge. Both of these methods are highly effective in getting rid of honey bees.


Do it yourself bee removal can be a bit tricky if you aren’t familiar with what you are doing. The first thing to know about killing bees is whether or not the problem you are having is actually with honey bees. There are several different kinds of insects that have evolved to look like honey bees, but may be something else entirely. Try to get a good look, without getting stung of course, at the insects in your backyard and compare those to pictures of honey bees on the Net. If you truly do have honey bees, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2 requires the purchase of a long range, commercially prepared bee killing solution. Dress in loose fitting clothing and cover all exposed skin. Fasten pants legs and sleeves with rubber bands to keep bees from trying to hide in your clothing. Wait until evening, when the bees are less active and spray the bee killer directly into the nest, thoroughly soaking it and then stay indoors for several hours as the bees will be very angry. Repeat the process detailed in step 2 in 24 hours to ensure a complete kill. Then, after no more activity is observed, remove the hive and burn it.

Respecting Nature

There is no doubt that having a professional bee keeper remove the bees is the preferred method, as this protects the species, the environment and yourself from several painful stings. But keep in mind that by exterminating honeybees in large amounts can be disruptive to nature. You’ll not only prevent them from making honey, but will also allow their prey to flourish, which may result in an even bigger nuisance. Only resort to killing them if you have exhausted all other alternatives.

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