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How to Get Rid of Horse Manure

horse at fenceIf you own horses you’re probably acquainted with manure. What to do with it can be a smelly problem. Whether your horse is stalled or kept in a pasture, someone needs to clean the area regularly. What happens to the manure once a stall or pasture is cleaned will depend on who does the cleaning and on the type of facility your horse is in. If you pay for full board at an equestrian facility, chances are, the facility takes care of the manure disposal for you. If you own your own horse property, manure disposal becomes your responsibility. There are a number of ways to get rid of horse manure; here are three of the most common:

Haul It Away

This is probably the least time consuming way of getting rid of manure. You can haul it to composting sites yourself or you can pay to have it removed for you. It would do you (and nature) some good to find out where the manure is actually being dumped; sometimes it finds its way into a landfill which isn’t the best for the environment.

Use It

If you garden or have your own pasture you may want to consider using your horse’s manure as fertilizer. You can do this by spreading raw manure directly onto the ground or by composting it. Composting takes time and space, but is a rewarding way for gardeners to feed their plants. Compost releases nutrients more slowly than raw manure and tends to be free of weeds, pathogens, and bad smells. Raw manure still breeds and attracts flies, so compost may be the best way to go if you have enough space for a compost box or pile.

Sell It

Many small farmers and fertilizer companies are willing to purchase horse manure because of its nutrient-rich composition. Some people will buy raw manure, others prefer to purchase compost. Depending on the arrangement, the buyer will come to your property directly or you may drop it off yourself. Selling raw manure or compost requires a degree of effort. Placing adds in local newspapers or at farming supply stores can help attract buyers. Selling manure may be a nice way to gain some extra cash but it may take some time and money up front to find buyers.

Horse ownership is an enjoyable and rewarding experience but it comes with lost of cleanup. Even a single horse can produce a surprisingly large amount of waste. Fortunately, there are many easy and efficient ways in which equestrians can get rid of horse manure.


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    • Look for a local mushroom grower they use horse manure to do this. Several of the barns i have been at have this arrangement. Also create a part time business selling the manure to people for fertilizer for their gardens both vegetable and flower. I have used it for years it is fantastic fertilizer. The older the better so cycle your sales in that manner

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