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How to Get Rid of Hunger Pangs

Is your stomach rumbling to the point of embarrassment? Are you holding your hand over your stomach to staunch the sound then apologizing to those around you? If snacks are out of your reach here are some tips to help reduce or stop those annoying hunger pangs:

Eat Small, Nutritious Meals at Regular Times

It’s amazing how our bodies adjust to schedules and routines. By eating regularly our stomach and brain make the required adjustments, relieving our stomach of the responsibility of its rousing, noisy notifications. Stay away from heavy carbs and high fructose corn syrup. Studies have shown that HFCS tricks our brain into thinking we’re not full when we are. Eat foods high in protein mixed with a balance of fruits and vegetables. Plus, eating smaller meals helps our bodies metabolize food more efficiently, avoiding the nap after lunch syndrome.

Chew Sugarless Gum

Chewing sends a message to your brain that food is on its way, which then prepares the stomach for nourishment. Basically, you’re tricking your stomach into calming down. Beware, though, this should not be an everyday thing, only a temporary stop-gap. Do not make a habit of chewing gum on an empty stomach. The message the stomach receives starts the release of acids that break down the food. If there’s no food around, guess what happens. That’s right, the stomach lining gets the brunt of the acid. Over a long period of time this can cause an ulcer. The plus side of chewing gum is you will have fantastic smelling breath.

Drink Water

Water, obviously, has many advantages when it comes to our bodies. It keeps our brains healthy, our skin clear and fresh, our metabolism up, and it flushes out toxins. It can also fill up our stomach thereby reducing hunger pangs until our next small, nutritious meal.

These are three very simple things you can do to reduce or stop hunger pangs. Keep in mind the minimum amount of daily caloric intake is around 1200, and the average is 2000. So unless you are on a special diet you should stay within these two numbers. No, you do not need to carry a calculator around with you when you eat, unless that’s your thing. Who am I to judge? But seriously, the best way to reduce or get rid of hunger pangs is to eat those small, nutritious meals. There is nothing wrong with eating four or five times a day.


  1. Emotional eating hunger comes on suddenly while physical hunger develops slowly. Physical hunger begins with a tummy rumble, then it becomes a stronger grumble, and finally it evolves into hunger pangs, but it’s a slow process.

  2. Currently on quest to lose 35pds. 5 down, 25 to go. When I feel a little hungry, I eat a 5 slices of deli thin turkey (50 cal) when I’m ‘between’ my lunch and my dinner as I have a 1hr cardio workout in between that time and must eat a little something. I eat 1250-1350 cal per day and have been losing excess weight fast while rarely being hungry or light headed or any of that stuff that comes with losing weight. (Notice I’m not saying ‘diet’).

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