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How to Get Rid of Ingrown Toenails

Having an ingrown toenail can be horrible. The pain associated with it is very bad. We all will probably have one from time to time. Here is some helpful tips to help get rid of your horrible ingrown toenail(s).

Step One

This will work the best right after your shower or bath, because the skin around your toe if cleaner and softer. You will also need a nail tool, something that is thin and has no sharp edges. You can use a nail file or the nail file tool on a Swiss Army knife key chain.

Step Two

Take a very small piece of toilet paper, or paper towel and roll it up into a cylinder. The piece of paper should be about an inch long and maybe half an inch wide. Fold it into the shape of a U or a V.
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Step Three

Use your fingers to pull back the skin on the side of your ingrown nail. This will cause pain, but you should try to work through it. You should try to expose as much of the nail as possible. You should pull back until you can not handle the pain anymore. If any liquid or pus comes out, then you should clean your toe and start all over again.

Step Four

Keep the skin pulled away from the ingrown nail, using the nail tool to gently get the paper under the nail. Be very gentle because this will cause a lot of pain.

Step Five

Now use the nail tool to push the paper farther under and into the side of your nail. Be very careful and gentle. Your goal is to get the paper to sit under the nail, so that it is lifted up and away from the irritated nail bed.

Step Six

When you are done, use some scissors to cut the paper so that it is not moved or snagged when you put on your socks and shoes.

Step Seven

You must remember to move the paper before you shower. Clean your toe thoroughly and carefully in the shower or bath, and be sure to insert more paper when you get out. You should do this often. This should be done until the nail has grown out and is not still digging into your nail bed. Then you should cut your toe nail.

Remember, be gentle and careful and be clean!

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