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How to Get Rid of iPhone Apps

iPhone applications have come a long way since the first iPhone was released in 2007 in the United States. From iTunes to third party applications created by Microsoft to the American Heart Association, the world of applications for the iPhone is more than just a new fad it’s become a lifeline for many individuals. But how to get rid of iPhone apps is a never ending wonder for iPhone users.
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Get Rid of iPhone Apps by using the iTunes software on your computer

To rid yourself of that unwanted app using iTunes you will need your iPhone, iTunes software and a USB cable. First, you will want to plug your iPhone into the computer by connecting it to your USB cable. Second, you will load the iTunes software. If necessary log on to iTunes; in many circumstances iTunes will have your log-on and password saved. On the left hand corner of the iTunes program you will see the following options: Games, Apps and Extra tabs. To get rid of the iPhone App that you no longer find a use for click on Apps. A new window will open with all of the apps that you have downloaded. By clicking on the App of your choice you will receive an option to “delete” the app. Click delete and verify that you are deleting the iPhone App you no longer wish to use.

Get Rid of iPhone Apps by Using Just the iPhone

Rather than going through the set up of connecting your iPhone to iTunes on your computer you can rid yourself of your unwanted app while on the go. To delete an app on your iPhone, while on the go simply go to “Menu” on your iPhone. Once in the Menu screen, you will then click on “Apps” or “Applications”. After locating the app or apps you choose to delete, hold down on the icon or name of the application until your screen “shakes”. When the screen shakes, this is ridding the application from your iPhone.

Get Rid of iPhone Apps with Tech Support

Just as with any other software or programs, getting rid of an app can be trying. No matter, what you’ve tried that app is still there. In the case that the above options do not work, calling iPhone Tech Support is the way to go. By providing iPhones Technical Support with a few details they will be able to assist and at times remove the apps in question.

Getting rid of iPhone Apps provides extra space for your iPhone. Many users have found they have become an addict for their new found toy the iPhone and use up more space than they had realized they would. Be careful when you decide to rid the apps from iPhone, many can be free trials, but then there are those few that you may have purchased.

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  1. This is all fine, but when I delete apps from my iPhone using the shake technique, they merely become ‘unsynced’ on itunes. This in effect means that whilst they are no longer on my phone, they are still there on itunes… Probably something apple should look at, given that once you’ve downloaded an app once, you have it for life, which negates the need for keeping apps on itunes when you don’t need them, since should you suddenly find the need again you can get just redownload without paying…

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