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How to Get Rid of Ivy

Looking out into your garden, you have sweet memories of that innocent four-inch plant that promised to cover that tattered fencing. Its promise was kept. Where is that fence? What happened to that magnolia tree? The Ivy, as innocent as it appeared it has aged with a vengeance. This once graceful evergreen has become a plant with intentions to rule the world, starting with your yard. Is it too late to warn the neighbors? The yellow green fingerlings of new growth sway in rhythm to the gentle summer breeze, emitting a naive persona. Do not be fooled, the intentions are to survive and it may take all of your energy, armor and battle cries to defeat this greenery. The following methods may not be the only way to defeat this plant, but used simultaneous or in unison, you can defeat the ivy and prevent it from creating its own kingdom.
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There are topically applied chemicals such as herbicides, which will usually kill the above ground growth. Some weed killing products that can be sprayed work good for this, be careful not to spray it on plants you want to keep. This method may not get to the roots, depending on the amount of ivy you are attempting to eliminate. As soon as new growth starts, maintain this regiment. Without the sun to support it, eventually you can defeat it.


This is the best method if you have some cooped up anger. Use garden gloves and a hand held garden fork. Grab the base of the above ground portion of the plant and pull. Usually the root path will be uncovered and you can follow it to its origin. Be mindful though, if any part of the root and sometimes the leaf is left, a little water, some sunshine, and your enemy will return.

Cutting or Mowing

This is perhaps the easiest method of removal, but it does not guarantee elimination. Use garden snips to cut the above ground portion to the root base, or mow it, recommended for the men. Ivy stands no chance of survival when it comes to a man and his lawn mower. Either one of these methods requires patience and persistence.

Ivy can be a welcome garden friend but keep it on a tight noose. Use of one of the above methods to get rid of the ivy before it gets rid of you.

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