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How to Get Rid of Jalapeno Burn

In the kitchen there are many things to fear: getting your finger chopped off with a knife or even grating your skin with a hand grater, but those are not the only things to fear. When cooking, jalapeno peppers can be a dangerous ingredient. The fresh flavor of a jalapeno can’t be beat, but getting that killer flavor can come at a high price.

When chopping, dicing or slicing jalapeno peppers gloves should be worn to protect your hands from the oils of this pepper. While preparing the jalapenos do not touch your face in any way. After the peppers are sliced and diced the cook must make sure that he or she washes their hands properly. Not doing so can become a problem, especially if the cook touched their face during preparation.[sniplet AdSense Skyscraper]

There are several ways to get rid of jalapeno burn. At first you must realize how serious the burn is. It may take a bit before you realize that you have a burn. On the face or hands, you may notice red bumps or patches of red skin where you may have touched your face while slicing the jalapenos. Also your face will feel hot and like it is on fire, hence the burning of a jalapeno on the contact of the skin.

Citrus based foods can work, but the burning may actually return. Some remedies work better on certain people, so try all that you can. lemon juice and oranges or juice juice are a few examples. People do recommend rubbing alcohol at first to kill the oils and then moving on to another type of treatment.

When eating peppers that are too hot, dairy products are advised to stop the burning. This also works for skin contact. Sour cream works wonders, but butter and milk can also do the trick. Even yogurt, unflavored, can be used. Vegetable oil has also been known to cease the burning. Vinegar can also do the trick to help that burn cool down.

When on fire from a jalapeno I would not suggest water or ice. Some say hot water treatment followed by cold water takes away the burn. It seems to only work for a few. The ice makes it worse. When cutting jalapenos, use gloves and cut quickly and dispose of the gloves. Wash your hands and the knife and hopefully you will dodge the wrath of the jalapeno pepper!


  1. Can’t get rid of the pepper on my hand

  2. Soak your hands in Maalox’s its an antacid Liquid that you can get over the counter. Just keep soaking your hands in it and it will ease the burning.

  3. If you happen to have some bacon grease from breakfast it works almost instantly.

  4. I had a peppers burn on my hands last year. I tried every remedy online and in books that I could find. Nothing worked for 8+ hours until the pain became tolerable enough to sleep. The next day, it flared up and was worse–I took an antihistamine (Benadryl) and in 10-15 minutes the pain was gone.

    The burn is an allergic reaction to the juice. My mom does not have the reaction for some reason (she doesn’t react to poison ivy either.) So once I found out it was just an allergic reaction, I know I can just take an antihistamine and save my self the time, trouble, and pain of “home-made” remedies. Hope that helps. :)

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